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Replicate Tableau Dual Axis Scatter Plot in Power Bi



I am trying to replicate the above Tableau visual in Power Bi. The issue I am having is finding the capabilities in Power Bi to produce a dual axis as I need to plot the 'score' twice. 


The aim is to compare a client score (shown as the green coloured data points) to the rest of the dataset (backing data) whilst keeping the backing data anonymised.


So far, via using Power Bi, I have been able to plot the 'backing data' which is showing a similar distribution. However, Power Bi is not giving me the option to add the average lines neither am I able to add the 'client' specific scores. I have looked at importing dual axis visuals from the visual market available when using Power Bi Desktop however they only seem to be for bar charts.


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.



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My coworker and I found another solution. 


1. Put the data into a line plot, where Backing Score and Client Score are both in the y-axis.

2. Go to Format Visual -> Visual -> Markers. Turn Markers on.

3. Select Series = Backing Score and you may need to turn "show marker" on for that specifically.

4. Open Shape (inside Markers) and change the size to 5 px. You should see dots connected by your line plot. Repeat for Client Score.

5. Now go up to (Format Visual -> Visual ->) Lines.

6. Select Series = Backing Score. Open Shape and change Stroke width to 0 px. Do the same for Client Score. The lines will go away, leaving just the marker dots!

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @e_j 


You have to use a custom visual like below fir dual axis for scatter plot.


Dual Axis scatter plot with PBIVizEdit.comDual Axis scatter plot with

Download link in this page 

This was made with our Custom Visual creator tool With this tool,

  •  anyone, irrespective of technical skills, can create their own visuals
  • 15 minutes to create a visual from scratch
  • opens up many additional attributes to edit (for e.g. labels, tooltips, legends position, etc)

Give this a shot and let us know if you face any problem/errors.

You can use the editor to modify your visual further (some modifications cannot be done in Power BI window and have to be in editor).


AsitM (PBIVizEdit)

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Hi, thank you for responding to my query.

Unfortunately your suggestion didn't resolve the issue. We simply took two scatter graphs and overlayed them and used the interaction settings and slicers to create the dynamic aspect of it.

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Super User

@e_j , In scatter visual you should able to plot the Average lines both on the x and y-axis , You should be able to add a measure as size


I added here -


or you can design one with help from charticulator

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