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Advocate II
Advocate II

Problem with data sources connection in PBI Desktop

Hello! I have a big problem with data sources connection in PBI Desktop, especially WEB page from Google Spreadsheets.

Today I come across with this problem with my existing data, I have been working for a year with these sheets and everything was OK:

“The URL may be wrong or you might not have provided the right credentials to the server.”

As usual I Publish to the web my online Google sheet) and then I get new Web data to PBI Desktop and nothing =(..I have an empty window. PBI displays:

"We didn’t find any tables on this web page. No items selected for preview."

Please let me know how to overcome this issue.

Frequent Visitor

Although as I mentioned, from my point of view the solution is temporary. No one likes your data to be exposed.

Frequent Visitor

Hello, the change in privacy is in Google Sheets, not Power Bi. That's how it worked out for me.

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I am having this same error in a database that should be refreshed daily. 

I tried the change in the privacy level but also did not work.

I hope it is fixed soon.

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I´m having this problem too. Some dashboards updated, but others no.

Hello Svaida.

In the previous message I commented on a solution, although I find it temporary and a little uncomfortable as it involves "unprotecting the data source".

Did you find anything else?

Best regards

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I didn´t find anything.

I think it is a problem leaving the data unprotected. 

I hope they solve this soon.


Hello Eugenia:

I was going crazy with the mistake, I thought it was the only one that happened to him. I have an implementation similar to yours and I get exactly the same mistake. In fact, my data source is also hosted on Google Sheets and I have a dashboard in Power BI Online that was automatically updated (daily, several times a day) with my Google credentials. However since yesterday I have started to get notices of failure when updating, without me touching anything on my Google Sheets data source. You can no longer upgrade.

When I connect to my original file in Power Bi Desktop, I get that error that the file is an "HTML, and it's not as expected". I guess Google will have changed something that has made it incompatible to read your files in xls format, or that Power Bi changed something.

I guess they'll be working on the mistake. It must be something internal to the Power BI platform. If you know anything please let me know, why am I concerned as my Dashboards presenting the problem are used to control several of my company's processes.

Best regards

Hello Saludos

Thank you so much!
Your answer truly made me understand that the problem is not only mine, but general, and therefore it will be solved, I really hope! I also have been struggling with it since morning .. to no avail.
I've already posted to Issues:
Please write your comment there and vote for the solution.
Indeed, it is extremely important, because my report is very important for our company and I suppose as yours. It seems similar reports from many users also do not work now.


Best regards 

Hello Eugenia. I've been tracking the problem, and it looks like someone found a temporary solution. The solution is to change the privacy level to the original font in Google Sheets, so that it can be seen by "anyone who has the link".

I am a little concerned about this solution, as it slightly impairs the privacy of the data source. I'd like to see if we can contact Power Bi support to see if there's another solution.

I attach the link to the user who found that "provisional solution".

Best regards

Our Issues tickets are the only way to contact Customer Support.


We can only wait. In the meantime, I ask everyone who has such a problem to vote in Issues. Please let me know if you know of any other workarounds?

Super User
Super User

@EugeniaBochko , I saw one more issue with google analytics. Please check and log an issue if this is happening post Nov 2020 Update -

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