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Problem with a slicer and relationships

Hello Community,

I have the following problem and can't get any further.

I have a slicer for tags that filters two tables TagTable 1 and Tagtable 2.
Here is the model view.




Modell View.png

If I filter a value that is in TagTable 1, I get 0,00 Euro for my costs.
But if I filter a value from TagTable 2 I get the correct value in my view.

See the two pictures.


Top photo Tagtable 1 and bottom photo Tagtable 2.




TagAuswahl Table 1.png



TagAuswahl Table 2.png


However, if I delete or deactivate the relationship of tagtable2 to the fact table and then select a tag in the slicer that is in tagtable1 again, I also get the correct result.

See picture.


Delete Relationship.png

What is my problem here?

I don't quite understand this and would like some help.


Many thanks in advance.




Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Hey spaceman,
can you pls try to connect your dimTagtable1 directly to your factTable. Like you did with your dimTagtable2.
It looks like your dimAzResources does not filter your factTable properly.

Try to establish a direct conncetion between tagtable1 and factTable.

Gutes Gelingen 🙂

Hello sergej_og,


Unfortunately this does not work.

Unfortunately I cannot activate this relationship and I have already tried. It's in German but I don't think that's a problem.

Enclosed is a photo.


2023-11-21 12_38_27-Test.png





Hey spaceman,
in german, no problem. 🙂

bi direktional geht nicht, das leuchtet mir ein. Da gibt es in dem Fall paar Problemchen.
Muss es bi-diektional sein?
Wenn du auf single direction umstellst (Tagtable1 filtert factTable) sollte eher passen.
Was passiert, wenn du es so machst?

Hey sergej_og,


kann auch gerne weiter in englisch bleiben.


Wenn ich die Filterung so ändere kann ich diese auch nicht aktivieren. Führt dann zu einer Mehrdeutigkeit.


Hier das Bild.


2023-11-22 08_50_29-Test.png


Viele Grüße



hmm, ok.
a bit difficult to "debug" from far away.
Looks like you have to invest a bit time in datamodelling.



I also think I need to work on it again.

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