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Power Bi & MS Forms

Can you get data from a Microsoft Form on 0365, rather than downloading the excel spreadsheet and using that.


Thanks Smiley Happy


Hi @Danetech,

You need to  embed Forms into a web page, get a web url, use the URL to get data.

Best Regards,

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Advocate I
Advocate I

Does anyone know if Microsoft has any plans on creating a connector for MS Forms?

@fduran wrote:

Does anyone know if Microsoft has any plans on creating a connector for MS Forms?

This is the correct question. PBI just needs a connector. Have several tests, training and retraining datasets that I would love to at add Microsoft forms/quiz results to for better reporting in my PBI apps

I have a fully workign solution that is easy to implement for Froms to Power BI.


  • Create an Office Group (you will have some already) to contain your Form
  • In the Forms start page switch from 'My Forms' to 'Group Forms'
  • Create a new GROUP FORM - this is the step that makes it all work...
  • Add one entry to test data capture (needed to trigger the data capture behind the scenes)
  • Go to review responses by selecting you completed form
  • The screen will present some results, but just under the Ideas icon on the right you have the option to open the results in excel - do so now..
  • This file, you can connect to using GET DATA in Power BI as it resides in a document library on sharepoint for the group you selected earlier.  I use the option to connect to a 'SharePoint Folder'  to connect and not File.
  • Away you go and design your report.

One point to note that has caught us out is that the questions themselves are the column headings for the table so if they change a quesiton - data model could break ! - I get around it by not using the promote headers option and hard coding column names but if your quesitons are fixed it will not be an issue.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks. This works like a charm !!!

This works perfectly! Thank you @DeanWHall

ortunately this procedure seems to work ONLY for forms not Quizz as when i do the same with quiz when you click on "open in excel" button the file is downloaded on your computer and not opened in a sharepoint file ... any workaround to force it to be saved on the sharepoint site?

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I have several forms that were created from within sharepoint, so the associated excel file is visible in our sharepoint site - I cannot get PowerBi to read from these


If the same folder, I have a "Master File" which is populated via MS flow whenever an entry is made using any of the forms - This one I can get power BI to read setting up as

Get data>web>(link to the file minus everytihing in the address after the .xlsx)


I don't understand the different behaviour. I would like to try and get Power BI to read the excel files from each individual form and combine so I can bypass the MS flow part 

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Hello , 

I am facing the error while login into the power bi , can anyone have solution for this.

You’re using with another Microsoft service already. To finish signing up for Microsoft Power BI, sign in with your existing password.



Anuj gupta 

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Maybe a bit more complicated, but you can create a Microsoft Flow which triggers when somebody submits the Microsoft Form. The flow can write the data to an Excel/SQL/Google/etc. All sources you can connect to using PBI.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Has anyone been able to get this to work? I've tried using the edit URL from forms, as well as using the embed URL to embed on a sharepoint site, and then use the Sharepoint URL. Neither strategy is working

I'm curious too - has anyone got this to work using any of the solutions mentioned above? I'm also having difficulty connecting to MS Forms 365 using the embedded URL approach.

This might be helpful.

I found a workaround by using the API Streaming Dataset in Power BI. I have a Flow connected to my Form and it populates to that dataset each time a new Form is submitted.

This video was helpful to achieve it

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Danetech,

Please click Get Data->Web->type your Ms forms link, click OK and load the data. And check if it works fine.


Please feel free to ask if you have any other issue.

Best Regards,



I am trying to load data from FORMS to powerbi but it is not working.

Could you provide detail steps.




This is what I see when trying the top URL - not much data Smiley Indifferent



Hi Danatech,


Were you able to resolve this issue.



Hi @Danetech,

There should be more data in the document? The one row returned is belond a part of the document?

Best Regards,

Yeah, there should be a lot more data, the data returned is not part of the doucment.

Hi @Danetech,

You need to  embed Forms into a web page, get a web url, use the URL to get data.

Best Regards,

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