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Advocate I

Power BI Desktop keeps asking to sign in

Every time I open Power BI Desktop (regardless of whether I'm opening an existing file) it keeps asking me to sign in.  We use MFA so this is highly annoying.  I've Google'd and found similar threads but from the way-back.  I'm running the latest version (2.118.828.0 64-bit (June 2023)).


We've tried a repair on the install but no luck.  Any advice?


Hello @cesartiraferri ,


If you want you could log an issue to -

and the microsoft team will support you.


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Im already in touch with tech support, thanks!

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EDIT2: Solved(?)

There are a couple ways in Windows to link an Active Directory account to Windows. The default way tries to link the entire computer/device to a single active directory account, which doesn't work for me since I work on multiple customers within a single VM.

However, there is a 2nd way to link an AD account under Settings > Accounts > Email & Accounts > "Add a work or school account". When I did this, I stopped getting the constant login prompts in Power BI.




EDIT: Thought I'd solved it but I was wrong. Still getting this login prompt often. I still think it has something to do with the tenant settings. I use the same VM for multiple clients and only one do I have this problem. The only difference I'm aware of is not using the Authenticator app.


I've been having this problem too.


I have an account at a client where I tried to setup two factor authentication using the Authenicator app. I believe the client has the app 2FA disabled on their Microsoft Tenant settings. Only phone/text message authentication works.


I deleted the Authenticator app from my User security settings. Now Power BI keeps me logged in and stops giving the double login prompt.


Possibly a bug with how Power BI deals with this combination of settings?

Hi @joel-cooptimize,


Isn't adding the account using this method, essentially the same as selecting the option below?




I have multiple accounts I have added (intentionally) through this method, I don't see the difference in adding this way or via the method you mention above. The only difference is the "we can control your computer" message missing from the deliberate action of adding the account through "Email & Accounts", although I think is implied by doing this.


I'm genuinely curious as this bug is getting to be very annoying. (currently in conversations with MSFT support)

Fortunately, only happening with one customer currently.











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I'm having the same problem here with it asking me to log in multiple times when I start the desktop app.  Tried to publish a report and it asked me to log in.  Then it brought up the window for which workspace do I want to publish to and then another persistent sign-in window opened on top of that preventing me from publishing until I signed in again.  I'm still running the May version.

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I am getting the same issue 3-4 consecutive prompts to login, sometimes crashing the program.  started just since i had to update my MSFT 365 password last week.  my credentials will show im logged in the top right of the menu bar, the report pulls up in the background then several login prompts pop up.  




Super User
Super User

Hello @mroberts_troy ,


this is the default view when you open Power BI, and you don't have to sign in to keep using it, it's just the first view and it's been there since it started so its normal.


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No, it literally asks me to sign in. It pops up the sign-in with browser dialogue, and asks me to sign in, like there was no user or this was my first time.  I've been using Power BI for 8 years and never had to sign in multiple times, unless I did a password change or something.

Same here! Started with the june update. It is also messing with dataflows sign in. Tried messing with the security settings, cleared some credentials, but nothing worked.

Me too. Sometimes I sign in several times only to have the desktop aplication close. I'm also a long time user. Driving me crazy.

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