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Power BI Desktop doesn't load all the data from dataflow

Hi everyone,


I have a dataflow on a workspace premium capacity.

I have a pbix file and I take all the data from the dataflow.

I added a new table in the dataflow, everything perfect, all the data is in it after all the calculations.


But when I tried to load this table in Power BI desktop, just 20% of the rows are loaded.

I tried from another blank pbix file and it happen the same thing. Exactly the same data are loaded in it but it represent about 20% of the whole table.

I don't do any calculations on it (in PBI Desktop) and it is just like that.


I don't really have more info to give you... I investigated and didn't find anything...


Did this already happen to someone?


Thank you in advance


Helper I
Helper I

What I ended up doing was saving a .json of the dataflow and then deleting the original dataflow. Used the .json to create a new dataflow and then it worked.

Helper I
Helper I

This is also occuring cloud dataflow to cloud pbix...

Helper I
Helper I

I have this exact same issue. My dataflow has ~15M rows but Power Bi desktop is only retrieving ~4M rows. Power BI Desktop only connects to the dataflow for this table without any filtering.

Super User
Super User

@arthurld , first of making sure dataflow is refreshed properly and has full data .

Also open power query and check any error in loading

@amitchandak thank you for your answer.

There is the right amount of data into the dataflow, the refresh is ok.

And I checked Power Query ther is no error in loading, and as I said, it happens exactly the same in other reports when I'm loading the same table. The same rows are not loaded...

This is really unbelievable, everything looks like everything is ok! But there is just not all the data in the table... I really don't understand how it's possible

Any idea what is causing this issue?  I am experiencing the same issue.  Co-worker confirmed this occuring on his end to...

Fixed the issue...

Data was in dataflow but was not showing in the dataset when pulled from the service.
Final Solution: I opened the dataflow, saved it then refreshed the dataflow.

A root cause was not found... I suspect something in the environment corrupted the dataflow... 

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