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Resolver II
Resolver II

Power BI Desktop July 2016 bug

I have applied the July 2016 update (PBIDesktop_x64 2.37.4464.361). Now I am no longer able to edit my DAX queries through Query Editor. When I double click on "Source" in the Query Editor, the Query Editor screen just hangs.


Is anyone facing the same issue?


Hi all, we have released a QFE of the July update that addresses this problem. Please redownload the program and try again. Thanks!

View solution in original post


@babraham we are working on it now, I'll update this thread once it's deployed.




I have found a setup where this issue is showing up, so I have enough to go investigate this issue with.


I'll update this thread once the problem is located and a fix is found

Helper II
Helper II

Having the same issue - when I click the "Source" button in Edit Queries, it freezes, and I have to use the task manager to get rid of it.

Regular Visitor

I am not able to open 20MB PBIX file after update to July release and it is giving memory error. Worst part if we are not keeping June MSI file, you can not revert to previous version. PowerBI portal always gives latest version of release.


To folks who are running into this issue, what OS are you on, is it x64 or x86 PBI desktop, and what screen DPI (scaling factor) is involved?

I'm running on Windows 7 and 64 bit.  Could you be more specific on the DPI?  I'm not sure how to link the DPI to the fact that we can't retrieve data.  I keep hitting walls with getting One Drive installed.  Is there a person I can email my trace file to?

After looking at multiple reports of this and looking at some of the traces, I believe the get data dialog is there on the screen, just not visible. This makes the app appear to be hang, but you can unblock it pressing ESC.

I don't know what causes the dialog to not visible, hence the DPI question

@pqian  I tried ESC when the app hangs but it doesn't do anything.  


As for the DPI, are you wanting the resolution of the page in Power BI or the resolution of my screen or something different?

@lalthan Can you capture the screen when it hangs, if you can do a video of the repro that would be super helpful as well

Helper I
Helper I

I've been able to load data to Power BI with Excel using Power Query to retrieve data.  This should allow to continue making visuals and measures and when a fix is implemented, just need to modify the source and I think things SHOULD be just flow.

Regular Visitor

I downloaded this version on my new laptop. It doesn't load any data, nor does it let me create a table and load it to the query.


Pretty disappointed as I need access to PBI urgently.

Helper I
Helper I

For anyone else who experiences this bug and is waiting for a fix, I was able to edit queries in the Advanced Editor screen so I could keep working.  Steps to get here are Query Editor -> View -> Advanced Editor.

Frequent Visitor

I've ran into several problems after installing the July update.


Basic queries are taking forever to load.


The desktop app in general has become very slow and sometimes unresponsive, especially when working in the query editor.


The "Export to Excel" feature has some serious limitations, which was not there before.


After sending a frown, Microsoft indicated that they are publishing a new update ASAP that will fix all of the bugs. Hopefully this is soon.



Helper I
Helper I

I'm having a very similar problem.  I downloaded the new version yesterday morning and was able to work most of the day then all of a sudden in the middle of the afternoon, it froze on me.  Turns out it freezes when I go to Get Data or edit an existing query.



Which type of data source are your using? Import data or dorectly query? Please provide us the steps to reproduce this issue, so that we can make further analysis.



Thanks for the quick response Charlie.  I cannot access SQL Server.  Power BI freezes after I perform these two actions:


1. Get Data (this happens even on a brand new Power BI file)

     i.  Click Get Data

    ii.  Click on SQL Server

    iii.  App freezes


2.  Edit Query (queries run against SQL Server)

    i.  Right click on an existing query and click Edit Query

   ii.  Click on the gear for the source under Query Properties

  iii.  App freezes


I've been able to do plenty of work with visuals and creating measures.  Just creating or editing queries appears to be the issue.

I am having the same freezing issues when clicking into Get Data. When I click on recent sources and click the source I need, it doesn't load. I then try and create a new source and it freezes when I try to open the OData option.

For all folks who experiences the freezing issue at get data, can you capture a video of the repro? In the capture can you open task manager and check the CPU usage of pbidesktop.exe and Microsoft.mashup.container.*.exe.



I have tested the issue at my side, and it is OK for me to open the source settings.

Recommended troubleshootings are:

1. Enable the trace log and reproduce the steps (File ->Options and Settings -> Options -> Global-> Diagnostics), then open the trace log path, find the newly created trace log and see if any helpful information could be logged, or you may consider upload it into OneDrive and post the shared link in your next post, we will help to take a check;
2. Find the PowerBIDesktop install Media, double click it to perform a repair or a re-install.



Charlie Liao

I have a similar issue with PowerBI Desktop. I tried repair from isntallation media. Does not seem to work.

When i go to "get data"  and open SQL Server or any data source for that matter, the application freezes.


Hey Charlie,


This is my log of the Crash. It occures exactly when I try to edit queries in no matter what way uploaded data: GA, Excel, CSV


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