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Helper I
Helper I

Measure to count values over a number then show as 0% of total

Hi Im new to PowerBi any help would be appreciated


I have data set that has a column showing the aging of each item. I want to create a measure to count all the values greater than 13 then show that as a % of all the values in a Power Bi card. If theres item with a value grater than 13 then show 0%


Thank you in advance


heres an basic example of the data



Super User
Super User

Super User
Super User

and you can try this


Super User
Super User

pls try


@Ahmedx Thanks in my actual table the age column is a number, but the second part of the formula in VAR _t1 doesnt pick up the age column in the table. its only shows other  measures it doesnt show the column name i need

I don’t understand, Age is a measure and not a column?

share the real file or explain in detail

@Ahmedx  I apologize ill clarify. Im still very new to PowerBi. I wish i could post the file but its work related. 


ok so in my file Age is a column. To try your solution

I first created a new measure on the table I want it to be part of. 

I typed in the first past of the solution  "VAR and then space the _t1 = calculate(countrows(table name)" .. now when i try to enter the second part which is the table name and the column name Age the option doesnt populate. The only column names that populate are either from other measures or columns that I created and doesnt give me an option to select the column name age. I try to type it also but it just errors





take a screenshot of what you wrote

@Ahmedx  never mind now it works. I probavbly did something wrong yesterday. Thank you so much for your help


Only issue im having now is I only want it to show the last 3 months  and when i add another column called date closed which is a date column as  filter on the card for 3 months it goes to blank instead of showint 0%

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