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Matrix visual filtering and modelling issues

Hello there,

                    I have two issues that I need help with.

1) My matrix visual is not showing the option for stepped visual under Format Visual-> Row Headers(Refer to Screenshot below).


2) The matrix visual that I am trying to build should behave like a left outer join in SQL. It should show all the data from table A and the matching data from Table B. However, it's behaving like inner join in SQL by filtering out all the data from Table A and showing only the matching data from both tables. I have modelled their relationship as Many to 1 and put cross filter direction as "Single" and also tried "Show items with no data". Nevertheless, the visual is filtering the data.


Before adding data from Table B:


After adding data from Table-B:


Please help me out.



Super User
Super User

Hi! Looks like the layout portion got moved from Row Headers to  'Layout and style presets' in formatting - expand that and change Compact to Tabular.


For your second issue, please post a screenshot of your model view (ie joins between your fact and dimension tables) so that I can try to help troubleshoot.


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Thanks for answering and clarifying one of my concerns. Please find the screenshot of my model view relationship.



I should have been more clear - can you go to the model view and send a screenshot that shows all of the tables in your and their joins?

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I just have those two tables. Should I still send a screenshot of the model view?

Which one are you considering table A and which are you considering table B (as referenced in your original post)?

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Please find attached screenshot




Since Table B is your dim table, it filters Table A which is your fact. Table B should contain every Wave Number in it (right now it looks like it only contains 3), and when you use Wave Number in your visual, it should come from Table B, not from Table A. Your fact table should only have keys and values. Everything else should be in dimension tables. Understand star schema and the importance for Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

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I believe this answers the filtering issues I am having with my visual. Let me explain what I am trying to do here and what the business requirement is. All the data I want on this visual is coming from Direct Query which is in Table A. But my internal clients requirement is to add the user input priority on to the matrix visual of Table A. Therefore, I created a Power app with which user can input priority values to the wave number and then display it on the matrix. However, I don't want this Table B (user input priority)values to filter Table A.  What will be the best approach to solve this issue?

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