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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Matrix - measure on rows (not on the last position)

Hi everyone.


I have a Matrix with 3 Rows, 1 Column and a couple of Measures on the Values. I need to place those Measures on the Rows, and I know the option "Show On Rows" allows just that. The thing is that I need the Measures (the values) to be shown between Row 1 and Row 3 (as the 2nd Row), and not on the last position (4th Row). To make it clearer, this is what happens:


Row 1 (Field) - Row 2 (Field) - Row 3 (Field) - Row 4 (Measures).


And this what I need to have:


Row 1 (Field) - Row 2 (Measures) - Row 3 (Field) - Row 4 (Field).


Is this possible? Can I not only place my Measures on Rows but choose in which order they will be shown?



Community Champion
Community Champion

Check out this thread which tackles a similar challenge:

You can sort the order of the rows by changing the Row Index

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Super User

Can you share some sample data and required output in a visual manner. Not very clear as of now.

Thank you for your response, and sorry for the unclear explanation.


I’ve attached two pictures that I hope can make it a bit clearer. The “Matrix_as_is” shows the matrix that I have at the moment, and the numbers show the current position of the rows. Number 4 are my measures, because I have the “Show on Rows” option enabled.


The ”Matrix_to_be” shows the Matrix like I would like it to be ordered. In position number 1 I would have the same field as before, but right below I would have all my measures. Position 3 and 4 would be occupied by the other fields.


Like I said before, it’s just a matter of not only placing the values in the rows, but at the same time, if I had like 10 fields placed in the Rows, I could choose in which position my values would be shown if I had the “Show on Rows” enabled. By default, the values are shown in the last position of the row.



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