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Matrix SUM Problem


I have a matrix that breaks down data from two different tables and groups it in a logical format by Project and Cost Code then displays Estimates vs Actuals to date, Actuals are summing correctly in Totals, but Estimates, while they filter correctly and show the correct line-item data, will only show the grand total of all estimates for all cost codes on the project regardless of whats being filtered. I guess I had assumed that the matrix would "Total whats displayed" since it seems to have a correct undertanding in the data model and among the relationships defined.




All of the filtering and slicers work as expected, all the raw values are correct, the Total for estimates just won't display the data by whats been filtered or sliced, even while collapsing the data properly

Here's a view of the data model and relationships (JC_Transaction_Transaction contains actuals to date, JC _Master_Cost_Code contains the estimated values):




Hi @dustinadam,


According to the view of the data model and relationships provided above, I find you have one Date table and two Fact tables(JC_Transaction_Transaction, JC _Master_Cost_Code), and the Date table only have a relationship with JC_Transaction_Transaction table, but JC_Transaction_Transaction and JC _Master_Cost_Code are related with Job and Cost_Code, without any Date columns. So JC _Master_Cost_Code table won't be filtered by the Date Slicer.


In this secnario, if you want both tables(JC_Transaction_Transaction, JC _Master_Cost_Code) can be sliced by all dimensions, you may need to combine these two tables together using Merge Queries in Query Editor. Here is a similar thread for your reference.



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