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Map zoom with drill issue

Not sure if this is a bug...


I've created a drillable point map based on house addresses at the lowest level, and several hierarchical area levels above that.


It work fine and the automatic zoom works well, apart from when there is just a single point at any particular level. When this is the case the map zooms right out displaying the whole of the UK and some of Europe. The drill still works - if there are levels below this point I can click and it will drill down fine. See examples below - the 3rd map happens to only include a single point, and the map zooms right out.



New Member

See turn off auto-zoom in this blog post:


Not perfect, but probably better than nothing.

Frequent Visitor

I agree. whne showing a single point the default level of zoom should be realtive to the single point - not a country or continent.


Any idea when this will be remedied, or a solution provided?

I am having the same issue.  Hoping this was resolved or will be resolved soon

This is really poor design with the map visual and there really needs to be a way to set the zoom level when you have only one point. The new Mapbox visual zooms in not out when a single point is selected (but has other limiting features). The Esri visual handles a single point well too.  Please MS fix this major limitation on what is otherwise still the best map visual. The idea for this to be fixed needs more votes to get focus on this though so please note for -

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I have the same issue and would expect the autozoom to be much closer for a single point - as I agree it ruins the user experience.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@markduffill I am unable to reproduce your issue however I have a map with no drilldowns. To pinpoint issue perhaps can you try removing drill down and then filter so that only one point remains on map and check zoom ?

Thanks AnkitPatira


I tried your suggestion and found that whenever there is a single point the map zooms right out, so its nothing to do with drill, just the zooming is not correct when there is a single point.


One point:




Two points:




Do you think this is a bug?



Is the preblem that the area of the point won't scale accordingly in the case that only one point exists on the map?


I can observe that. I think that might be by design because the area indicates the values of locations. When there's only one point, no other points to compare with, so it may use a fixed base area.



Thanks, yes that is the problem. I've seen requests also to be able to fix the zoom area, which would help in this case, but actually I prefer the auto zoom and would just like it to zoom more appropriately when there is just a single point.

@Eric_Zhang @markduffill I agree with Mark. I think having it zoom out when only one point exists is jarring to the user experience, especially when that zoom occurs after a user clicks on a filter.

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