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Helper I
Helper I

Links to Network Shares

I need to be able to access files that are stored on a network share. I'd like to be able to just click on the link and get the file.


I have 2 columns named Folder_Location(UNC path - \\Server\Folder\) and FileName.


I merged these 2 columns into FileLocation(\\Server\Folder\FileName). These steps work.


How can I turn the FileLocation column into a link the user can just click on to get the file??

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I am in the same boat here.  I hope there has been some progress on this (Links to Network Shares).  I need to connect to files on a network drive.  People that use the Poser BI report can see all of their individual assigned items in multiple excel files.  By having the link, they can go specifically to the excel file that needs to be updated.  Improves and simplifies user experience.  Need the "file://" function to work with the "\\server\name\file.xlsm" to work together as a link within Power BI.  Thanks



What do you mean get the file? To get the file content, I think you can create a custom column. The Accessing data function(Csv.Content in demo) depends on the file type in your case. Then you expand the table accordingly.




By the way, why do you have to use that way to get data, for me it is a little bit weird, frankly.

I'm sorry I ever asked this question now. You obviously didn't read what I wrote as your solution doesn't address it.


Also I could care less if you think it is weird or not. I asked and if you can't address it keep quiet.


Consider this closed.


Well, I think I did misread your question, that was why I say it was weird. If I've given any offence, I didn't mean to.


If your question is to get a hyper link(clickable), I think it is still not support. Check Hyperlinks in tables. It requires a "http://" or "https://" prefix when predicating a field.


You can submit your idea at Power BI Ideas and vote it up.


There's a new feature in the May release, which supports file URLs. I think it more or less can help to achieve your requirement.

Check more Power BI new features in May release.

While this is a step in the right direction it still doesn't solve the issue. I can access local files but not Network shares on a Server.


Maybe in the next update.


is there any progress in this problem? I love to be able to access a network folder, so easy and simple but curretly it seems not to be supported!


Kind regards, Johan

Helper I
Helper I

Forgot to mention - I want to do this in Power BI Desktop

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