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Issue with users in Google Analytics


I connected Google Analytics with Power Bi and when I try to get Users I just get 0 for previous months and a number for the current month.


Anyone know the reason of this error?




Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @Anonymous ,


You should be able to retrieve the # of users on a day level. (dimension ga:date instead of ga:yearMonth)

Please do mind, figures will differ based on the date grannularity you're importing your GA data.

Users do not add up: a New User in January, can be labeled a New User once again in February if you're date grannularity is months.



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Hop on the data train and get connected @LouSegers


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@Anonymous Were you able to resolve this issue? I am facing a similar issue and looks like I can see only today's data and not even the previous day's user information. 

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Are there any news to a fix for this issue?

Im encountering the same thing right now where my USERS are listed as 0 every year, except for the current year where there is a small sample of data. Pageviews, Sessions and everything else seems to be showing up fine.

My data is there and looks fine on the Google Analytics website, so it suddenly dissapears when i connect to it through Power BI.


I did some testing and found out that this issue only appears on some specific views in Google Analytics, while others works fine.
i havent found anything in settings that would indicate a difference as the only difference in my views are the filters.

Best Regards

Hi @Anonymous ,


Other members have found this post useful regarding Google Analytics data:



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Thank you very much for your quick reply Maria.

Unfortunately it does not seem to relate to the isssue i'm (we're) currently facing, where the User metric, in some views, even as a stand-alone metric comes out at empty, while it looks fine in other views with the same query. 



I have the exact same issue as Rab.  GA connector rely on the Google Analytics Core Reporting API based on this article and the Core API has had an update related to User activity on 2019-03-19  based on this article so probably something has broken then? 

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

HI @Anonymous,


Are you also using your own date table when connecting? This may have dates without Google Analytics data.

When did your Google Analytics data start?


I have just imported now and am seeing data correctly. I selected the fields as shown and used the time intelligence (Date and Year) from  within Google Analytics tables.



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Hi @MariaP ,


Thanks for your answer. I am trying to connect directly from Google and I am not using another date table, just the dates available in Google Analytics.


This connection was working 2 weeks ago, but not now. My data starts in 2010 and as you see there is not information.





Hi @Anonymous ,


I cannot replicate this problem. Perhaps it is related to a Google Analytics settings not to Power BI?



Data retention and the Users metric

As of February of 2018, we added the Users metric to many additional reports. Because this metric is new in these reports, we do not have aggregated data for this metric for all of these reports for all time. This may impact your historical reporting: you may see zeros for User counts prior to the time for which we have aggregated data for that metric.





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