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How to stack datasets so that I can get Month over Month type of data?



I'm very new to Power BI. I have built a report in another system that generates an excel output and have that going into Power BI as a dataset. This report provides current daily information (for example daily balances). Everytime a refresh occurs, it appears that it basically just overrides the existing data with the most current data, which is good, but what I want to do is have that data stack so that eventually I could generate reports to compare month over month, year over year etc...


How do I get data coming in to be retained so that I can keep a history and build historical data rather than just override with fresh daily data?



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Still looking for a way to do this. Would involving Azure provide any solution to what I am looking to do here?

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I posted this awhile ago and didn't really get any information that would help me do what I am looking for. If I have a report that refreshes each day with new data, is there any way that I have have that data archive into PowerBI? For example if data refreshed today, but I wanted to pull up data from the begining of the month (03/01/2023) how would I do that? 



I'm still looking for a solid answer to this question, as I have not found one that provides a clear answer if PowerBI can do this.



Thanks. I will take a look at those resources you provided.


Am I correct in thinking that Incremental Refresh does what I am requesting? After doing some research earlier, I originally thought that it did, but then I thought I read somehwere else that it was primarily used in instances where you have a very large report and only want to refresh from parts of the data rather than a bunch of data that might remain static.



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