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How to create dynamic groups for legend in map component visual?

I am displaying a map with some company names and their count

I have the names of companies to be categorized in groups like Platinum, Bronze, Gold

For eg:

Group 1 - Company A, B, C in the Platinum category

Group 2 -Company D, E, F in Gold Category

This company list can vary, hence I want to create a dynamic group for the Map legends display.

Since legend is 5 different  groups of those company names

Under legend in the map component, there is only a manual option to create groups.


Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance


Hey, did you manage to do what you wanted? I have exactly the same doubt you posted.

Best regards.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ckotak20 , 

I am not clear about your requirement, what did you mean of "dynamic groups for legend"?  Could yo please explain this to me in details?  As I know, we need to create group manually.


Best Regards,
Zoe Zhi

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Sure, I'll explain in detail @Zoé . Thanks for your response.


I have a table query with fields as :

  1. Company Name
  2. Company ID
  3. Loc Details i.e Latitude
  4. Longitude
  5. Radius
  6. Count of a measure (Listing Count)

In order to represent this data I am using a map component for visualization.


In which the bubble size is the radius, the legend consists of company names which I have created a new group as name(groups)

The tooltips consist of listing count, name of the company in that respective group

Since on the map, I want the legend to be displayed as 5 different group types of companies with respective color schemes.

  • Group 1 Platinum (Company A, B, C)
  • Group 2 Gold (Company D, E, F)
  • Group 3 Silver (Company X, Y, Z)
  • Group 4 Bronze (Company W)

The names of companies .i.e the companies are divided into groups, I get this information from a separate excel sheet which contains Tab1, tab2 as group 1, group 2, and so on.


So my map displays the 5 different color bubbles i.e company types

Eg 3 bubble silver  with respective company name ,x,y,z and count on tooltip

but further going company X1, X2 can be added to that silver group but how to automate, since group creation on the legend is manual


In order to represent these groups we can only manually create and assign groups on the legend on the map component.

every month that group values can change hence I want that legend to be dynamically updated.


Hence the question of can I have multiple legends or dynamic groups on a map legend?


Thanks for your help

Super User
Super User

Seems like a job for a disconnected table trick but tough to be sure. Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

The most important parts are:
1. Sample data as text, use the table tool in the editing bar
2. Expected output from sample data
3. Explanation in words of how to get from 1. to 2.

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