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Helper I
Helper I

How to count rows based on a column that has data and whether or not an additional column is null


I'm trying to replicate a Countif function in Excel that will count the number of rows based on a item in one column, then I need to see if another column has any data or is null for that row.  Based on the combination of the two colums having data on a row, then I need to count the row to get a count of rows that are similar.

The project I'm working on has a total of 10 columns that are looked at to see if there is data in the column and if it does its considered a 2 intead of a 1.  A second column is then created to count a row with not null fields in 3 columns.  I need to take this out to a total of 10 columns that we look at to see if the column is not null.

In Excel it would just be =COUNTIFS(Cases!P:P,"*",Cases!Z:Z,"*",Cases!AJ:AJ,"",Cases!AT:AT,"",Cases!BD:BD,"",Cases!BN:BN,"",Cases!BX:BX,"",Cases!CH:CH,"",Cases!CR:CR,"",Cases!DB:DB,"")

Helper I
Helper I

YOu can see here in my data table the highlighted columns, I need to count how many columns have an answer in them.  Row 2 has 4 answers, row 3 has 2 answers, row 4 has one answer, etc. Row 12 has zero answers

I need to find a way to simply count by row, how many of these columns have an answer.  There are up to 10 columns that will have an answer.  Then I need to sum up each colmn number, so like column P has 10 answers, column z has 5 answers, AJ has 4 answers, AT has 2 answers.




in my sample data,

select first column and unpivot other columns


in the value column, unselect null


pls see the attachment below

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Super User

could you pls provide some sample data and expected output?

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see above

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