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How to change Formatting with icons to specific



I have a chart that shows Branded vs UnBranded. The Rate on the right is conditionally formatted. ALthough, i dont want it to look at all the rates and give me the colors, I want it to look at the Branded vs UnBranded and color icons based on those two outputs and not all lines. Here is what i have in PBI.


Is should be 


Branded | Project Name | Rate | UP ARROW

Unbranded | Project Name | Rate | DOWN ARROW


Branded | Project Name | Rate | DOWN ARROW

Unbranded | Project Name | Rate | UP ARROW


Branded | Project Name | Rate | UP ARROW

Unbranded | Project Name | Rate | DOWN ARROW

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I can be dynamic if you create a good measure.

If you do not show your data and explain exactly clearly what you want nobody here can help you write te specific measure. The DAX is depending on the model.  

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@Kornholio1313 , Go to cell element in format visual of the table visual and select the column on which the conditional formatting is set. Then in icons go conditional format and change the style from shapes to arrows. The option of arrows are from all 8 directions to 3[Up Down right]. Change the conditions accordingly and can also remove any arrow as per convinience. 

Thank You, if solves the issue mark as solution.

This is ok, but it has to be dynamic, not set. Meaning Branded Rate could be 40% one timeframe and 65% the next same goes for UnBranded. The idea is to show, no matter the number, who won in green. So, if Branded Engagment Rate is =65% and UnBranded is =45%, then Branded rate is colored GREEN and UnBranded is RED. These rates will change when the dates are changed, so the next time UnBranded could =65% and Branded 45%, therefore UnBranded Engagement Rate would be in GREEN

Then there is a need to create a measure that decides who won and then use that measure in conditional formatting. For Ex. make a measure that marks win and loss and then using that measure that in condtional formatting marking that win is green and loss is red.

hi @ChiragGarg2512 , tht would be nice, but this is dynamic, so the winning % could be any number when you change the date timeframe, it could be 55%, 55.4%, 56.5%, etc. so i cant just hardcode a winning %. Any other ideas?

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I am not sure when you want the arrow to go up or down but you could do it like above


if your logic is to complex for this option. You could also create a measure and use it as a field value in conditional formatting. Something like this


More info:  Power BI Icon Names for Conditional Formatting Using DAX - RADACAD


This did not acomplish what i needed to do, has to be dynamic, thanks. I am going to go back to using Tableau now

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