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How to build this check?

So I am trying to build a quality report. I'm importing a set of sharepoint data with colums that have one the following values:

  • OK
  • NOK
  • DNA (doesn't apply)

So what I want my created colmun to do is:

  1. Check the selected colmuns
  2. Count the number of OK and NOK (ignore the doesn't applies)
  3. Produces a % that represents the % of OK's compared to the OK's and NOK's (so "count OK" / ("count OK+ count NOK) )

My main issue being that I only have expercience writting things like this in Excel. My employer is looking into providing me with a Power BI training but it's going to take sometime before I'm in that training.... Patience is not my virtue.... Can anyone provide me with a good tutorial to writing this kind of code in power bi query? 

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Memorable Member



Not sure about what you mean by check, but at least for the count it will be something like :

Create a measure

Count of OK = CALCULATE ( COUNT( [YourColumn] ) , ALL( [YourColumn] ) , [YourColumn]="OK" )
Count of NOK = CALCULATE ( COUNT( [YourColumn] ) , ALL( [YourColumn] ) , [YourColumn]="NOK" )

Count of NOK + OK = CALCULATE ( COUNT( [YourColumn] ) , ALL( [YourColumn] ) , [YourColumn]<>"DNA" )


The ALL( [YourColumn] )  is to remove the filter from the table so I assumed you'll dispaly the measure in a table with  [YourColumn] placed on lines If not adjust the ALL according to the filter you need to remove.


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