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Help to create Average Productivity over time

Hello Everyone,

I need your Help generating a chart showing the average & Cumalative trend over time for a dataset.

Production Explaination:
In the production process, we create 1 Module, and this module is made up of 16 Skids. Each skid is considered finished when a specific activity is marked as 100% complete,my goal is to analyze our production data to understand the average & Cumalative trend for the number of skids we produce each month.

Dataset Explaination
To illustrate this, I have provided a link to the dataset we are working with,2 tables are interconnected through column (EquipmentId),1st table(ActivtiyLevelProgress) is having the ActivityDescription & Progress while the other column is having the 
CWP_or_Skid ,InstallationEnd & InstallationStart.

1st Table ActivityLevelProgress (highlight is the 2 Most important columns)


2nd Table Equipment ((highlight are the 3 Most important columns)


Link to Dataset

What do i need to do
I need to create a couple of measures 1 Monthly Average,1 total till date (Aggregation),dynamic time X Axis 

1- Dynamic time X-Axis based on InstallationEnd & InstallationStart which changes based on ActivityDescription.
2-Monthly Average Measure should count the Number of CWP_or_Skid that are finished based on ActivityDescription & Progress in every month while referring to a dynamic time X-Axis (InstallationEnd & InstallationStart)
 3-1 total till date (Aggregation) while counts the total number of CWP_or_Skid that are finished based on ActivityDescription & Progress in every month in an upward trend while referring to a dynamic time X-Axis (InstallationEnd & InstallationStart) 

Outcome chart would look like 


Dotted is the average & straight line is the

Your insights and expertise will be invaluable in this endeavor. 

@amitchandak @lbendlin @Ahmedx @parry2k @Ritaf1983 


Super User
Super User

Please provide sample data (with sensitive information removed) that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot). Leave out anything not related to the issue.
If you are unsure how to do that please refer to
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

If you want to get answers faster please refer to

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I have provided a sample dateset in excel format in the orginal post

access denied - please check

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Thank you for your Response
I have checked the link and it should be working 

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Thank you for your clarification..i will do so

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