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HELP with table



When I upload my sharepoint list to power bi it uploads correctly and in the right order when I look at the query editor BUT when I add the data to the table values or matrix everything is off. How can I organize the power BI table to be in order like in the query editor?


please help


order should look like thisorder should look like thistable is not organizedtable is not organized

Super User
Super User

In the PowerQuery editor, add an index column to the imported table.


Then, you can either

  • In the model set the sort by column of [column 1] to be the index column.
  • Pull the index column into your table, sort it by that then set it to be so narrow you can't see it.

Might I also suggest, in the PowerQuery editor adding the following steps.

  • Remove top 1 row
  • Use top row as header

That way our table will have the same column headers as our sharepoint list.


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I'm just taking a stab here as I'm not as savy as most in this forum.  I can clearly see that when you put the data in the matrix, it is sorting alphabetically in column one and you don't want that.  I would add an "index column" at the end of your table in the query editor.  Then, put your data in the matrix and sort it by the index column.  Then you could hide the index column.  I hope this helps.

Resolver II
Resolver II

If I am understanding correctly, you want the table to look like the sharepoint list, which is unsorted. PowerBI will autosort based on first column added. One way around this would be to add an index column in the query editor and then sort the table on this. Go to "Add Column" and then Select "Index Column" This shoul create an index based on the native sort order.

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@MitchM @jdbuchanan71 @Anonymous  is there a way I can organize it by rows?


it should go like this...... even though they are all on the same column I would like to divide the columns by sections like the firs picture. When I add the first column it adds everything at once and it looks all crowded instead of being in sections within the column



 -project 1

- project 2



-project 1

-project 2

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Once you pull in Column 1, click the down arrow and make sure "Show items with no data" is selected.  This should maintain the spacing you have in your data model.



If you add the index column to your PowerQuery and sort by it, the blank rows that break up the sections will be in the correct spot in your table.

Edit: Agree with @jdbuchanan71, beat me to it.

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