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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Export data doesnt match

I am completely amazed how Power BI developers keep thier jobs!!!  This product is a big disaster mess with idiots running the developemnt of this application. Anyone interested in real data anaylitics, run from Power BI as fast as you can!!! use any other tool but this half baked application!! Save yourself time, Money and effort by immediatly dumping this crappy developed application.


I need to open yet another support case to report yet MORE bugs !!!  When exporting data , this product simply is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen in 40 years in the IT industry!!!


I have a table with 25 columns neatly laid out on screen. I have all the formulas working and released the report Live to senior level staff in our orgnization.  This report took weeks to develop and get just right, while all senior level staff anxiously awaited the completion.  As soon as I released the report to the organization and Senior level staff started exporting data guess what happened?


Your right, his crap tool exports everything completely wrong!!! yes , numbers are off, wrong numbers are in the wrong columns, data simply doesnt make sense. It looks nothing like the table online , and there sure as hell is absolutely NO way to reconcile what staff see on screen and what gets exported.  Boy, did Microsoft make me look like a complete fool to my organization by trusting in this product!


I hate Microsoft at this point!!!   How these developers get away with the pure garbage they create is beyod me.


Anyone considering this tool would be a complete fool to use it in any real life need. This si simply a play novelety Idea with NO real world use! it is simply Garbage!



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did you make sure the totals in your report are well calculated? I thought I had this issue and I realized that actually the excel totals were correct while the report totals were wrong. In my case I was using a Measure were I should use a calculated column.

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I am using Power BI Pro and am new to it.  I am having this issue as well.  the column totals I see on the screen don't match the numbers in excel when exported.  All solutions talk about how to correct it using Power BI Desktop.  However, Desktop is not linked to the dataset, only Pro.  How do I fix this?

New Member

I think I have an answer to this problem, please, correct me if I am wrong.


Recently on Power BI training one of my students asked the same question.

He has a Table visual with data and for number columns he set Don't Summarize to see each transaction. After making Export Data for that visual he got CSV and totals in CSV were not matching total in Power BI (which was correct).


The problem is that when you set a table (or other visual) number columns with Don't Summarize, what happens is that Power BI hides completely identical rows (removing duplicates) and you get wrong results in exported CSV file.


I hope that attached picture may help to understand the cause.




The solution is to add some kind of column in that table, that will add any kind of unique ID's for that rows. If there is no such column with natural ID's, then adding Power Query's index column may help.

Regular Visitor

Hi all!


I also get the same "issue", the total in the table in my Power BI online report does not match the download.

For example, in the dashboard the total for all rows and columns is 65,110, while in the download shows 65,106.

The table was built to simply show the sum and the extract is set to only allow to extract the summarized data.

What do you think could be the cause for this and. eventually, provide tips on how to solve it?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello All,


Do we have a solution for the exported file in the dashboard? It's pulling an incorrect result. It's related to role level security, He should only get a data that is intended for him not everything. The dashboard shows right but the exported file doesn't. Please advise as it's a huge issue with all users.



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Same problem persist. I have table full of various values. When I press to export it to csv file, my number column gets mixed up. 1,2 ish values sometimes become "15.666.666.666.666.600". In report view this is 1.57.  I do however have to agree that software is buggy and at emberassingly crucial area. Especially when there isn't any easy option to just export data in other ways which would provide me with quick fix.  Strangely enough, sometimes Power Bi saves data in properly formated format. I do not need to use excel's text to columns function. Sometimes however it randomly decides not to format data for me and it distorts information. Even if it is portrayed properly in Excel's text to column menu in how it is going to be formated.


Edit: I had managed to painfully solve my own problem. The issue was in how excel separates numbers (dot or comma). If my settings in Excel are not exactly as they need to be, numbers get completely destroyed when I convert csv data into readible excel information. It is impossible to convert it back afterwards. However, if I have correct settings before using text to column function, information transfers correctly.  However, I do think that more export options are needed. This is not yet a feature in Power Bi as far as I know:


This is why I believe that some users in some extreme cases encounter said issue of Power Bi not exporting its values correctly. Having more options than 1 to rely on while quick exporting your data is important. Power Bi does not have flexibility or power of most programs with their Save As functions and as far as I know, there isn't any other quick way to get your data out.

Regular Visitor

I'm running across this same issue when upper management is trying to export the data.


The bar charts and tables total matches. However, the export data does not match the visuals in Power BI.


Is there a fix for this?


The data that gets exported is the UNDERLYING data used in the visual, not necessarily in the exact format that the visual is showing it.  For example, if you have a matrix with a hierarchy on the rows and columns and you expand all to the bottom level, when you export you won't get a table with the same structure.

We are having the same problem, and understand that the underlying data will be in a different format than the visualization. That is not the issue.


We have exported the underlying data to a visualization, and added up the numbers in the extract.  The totals obtained from the extract do not match those shown in the visualization.  The viz is correct and matches our database totals, but the exported data is not.  It seems to be a problem in the export function itself.


This is a problem for us, in that our users are exporting data from visualizations as part of User Acceptance Test.  They want to verify that the totals and calculations shown match the underlying data.


Until the Export Data feature can be investigated, it seems that it is unreliable, and should not be used for testing values.

Please provide a screenshot of the visual, a screenshot of the export data, and the DAX used for any measures.  You can provide dummy data but make sure it approximates the actuals in terms of the differences between visual vs export.


I've been working with Power BI daily and use it for reporting and leadership team reviews (high visibility numbers) and have never had a problem with data export.

We are having the same issue, and understand that the data will be in a different format.  However, after exporting the underlying data, we have added up the numbers, and the total does not match the totals shown in the visualization.  Strangely, the visualization numbers are correct, and match our underlying database.  The Export function seems to be unreliable.


This is a problem for us, since we are using it for User Acceptance Testing with our more savvy users.  They export the underlying data for the visualizations to verify that it is correct for signoff. 


Are the Export Data problems planned to be addressed soon?

New Member

I've also found that exported data into excel (as a CSV) doesn't match what is in Power BI.  After I've refreshed a report containing queries, some numbers in the report screen don't match the data screen.  Numbers are also produced in the report output that don't exist in the source system/data.

I have also come across this issue today. Is it a now issue that is being worked one?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @lcasey


It's sad to hear that you did not find this product upto the quality but you should understand the product well before you start to use it. There are other ways to export the data as well as long as you know how to utilize them. You can use R Script to export data.


Thanks & Regards,

Love the Self Service BI.
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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

This is a forum for people to get help and give ideas. It is unfortunate that you had such a bad experience, but this is not really the place to vent your frustration. If you want to provide screenshots or a better explanation of what happened maybe we can debug your problem.

You say the data export is incorrect. What kind of export did you do? Analyze in Excel? Custom R to write to CSV? Was there RLS or maybe permissions that consumers of your dashboard don't have and thus they will see different data than you?

I'm having this issue when I use the "Export Data" functionality from the three dots options for the Table visuals on the online Power BI service, exporting summarized data. I will inexplicably get an extra 14 or 20 rows and the sales amount totals will be off by thousands of dollars from what's being shown in the table on the online service. There's not really anything to screenshot since it's as simple as 14 extra rows being added to 9006 records, for example. 

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