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Helper III
Helper III

Error when refreshing


When I do a resfresh in desktop I get an error in 78 rows and I don't really understand why. First I thought its because source_published are empty/missing data for these books but w have many more rows where source_published is empty and they don't generate any errors. Does the screenshot below give you guys any idea to what could be wrong?





Super User
Super User

Click in the Error 'cell' (but not on the Error) and the message below will show you what the error is.

Thank you for the reply.

This is the error message:



I change the column from whole number to date (yyyy) and the rest of the 200000 rows works fine, even around 3000 rows where source_publiched are empty genereates no error. Its just these 77 rows that do. Any idea what I can do to fix it?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Dear , check the nature of the dates maybe its not a date for these rows , if you can share some sample to figure it out . 

Regards , 

I would love to share some example but not sure how 🙂 Before I do the refresh, these cells are simply empty.



Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

hi , 

so you know the error from where , you can do as follow for it : 

Option 1 - in power queries try to remove the blanks ( in this case the rows will be deleted , data loss may occur )
Option 2 : replace the blank values with a date ( this will solve the issue and the rows will be kept as is ) 

Please accept as a solution if this works with you . 
Regards ,

I like the sound of option # 2 🙂 Care to help me how a power query like that would look like?

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi , 

check the source file where it is coming from and what it is defined as a text , decimal or a date, then change the type of it from power queries 



The column contains years (dates when book are published) and it was whole numbers from the beginning. I changed it to date (yyyy) and it works fine for the rest of the 200000 rows, its just these 77 rows that cause the error.
Can I somehow change the type of just these 77 rows in order to get aroudn the errors?

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