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Advocate II
Advocate II

Edit interactions between visualizations massively

Hi everyone!

With the actual release of Power BI Desktop, it is possible to edit the interactions between the visualization items. But nothing is provided to edit all the interactions starting from a specific visualization.
Let's take in account a simple example: I want that nothing happens if I click on a bar chart. The only way I have to achieve that is to select "Nothing" on each of the others visualizations when the bar chart is selected. This operation could be very annoying if in the page many items have been placed (especially if they're partially overlapping).


I've created an idea about this option. If you're interested in it, please vote it!


New Member


I tried to click your idea link to upvote it, but the link doesn't work. Could you provide the link again? Thanks!

Not applicable

Currently, we can use a function in "Query reduction" , which is "Disable cross highlighting / filtering by default". this can disable all interactions at once. But may need to be careful to use it as it will disable all interaction.

This just saved me hrs - thanks 🙂

Still needs a better way to manage it, but if you want to essentially switch the default operation, it's a good way of managing the problem

Resolver II
Resolver II

Yes... is pretty necessary.

Very annoying when you have +50 visuals across bookmarks


I voted up the idea, hope its move on

Not applicable

Yes this is very annoying to edit 50 plus interactions. Please add this feature.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @rode,

The visualizations effect each other, which means some value used in visualization comes from same table or related table. Based on my test, you can select one visulization, if it should cross-filter the other visualization, select the filter icon(highlighted in red line). if it should have no impact, select the no impact icon(highlighted in yellow background) shown in the following screenshot.


More details, please review this article.

Best Regards,

Hi @v-huizhn-msft and thank you for your reply.

Maybe I've not been so clear. I know which is the way I can edit the interactions. The question was related to edit massively the interactions. So, imagine that you have 20 visualizations on the page and, selecting one of these, you want disable all the interactions from this one to the other 19. As Power Bi is, you can only choose "nothing" one at once for each other of the other 19 elements.

I would prefere a button in the ribbon or something else that allows you to disable all the interactions from this visualization to the oter 19.


What do you think about it?

Hi @rode,

Up to now, there is no a button in the ribbon to edit the interactions simultaneously as you expected. Thanks for your support. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our products and increase the level of service provided.

Best Regards,

Thank you. It's for this reason that I've made up an idea.

Would be nice to post the link to the idea in this thread...

@pacofq wrote:

Would be nice to post the link to the idea in this thread...

Already is linked in the first post

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