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Dynamically display selected hierarchy level in chart title

When you create a bar chart with a hierarchy assigned to the x-axis, the automatically generated chart title reflects the hierarchy level selected by the user. 
I have not been able to create this functionality with a custom chart title.

The only DAX measure that could provide this information seems to me to be INSCOPE().

But that only works for the chart elements themselves. 


It seems that there is no hierarchy context for the chart title. This is true in a way and I understand the logic behind it.

But still, the automatic title reacts to the chosen hierarchy. 


Why is this not carried over to the context of the diagram title to enable custom titles that reac to the chosen hierarchy level?

Is there another idea or measure that does the trick?


Super User
Super User

@matthiashh ,
Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.



refer this

Hi. I'd like to provide an example. But cannot figure out how to upload it here ... 

Hi @matthiashh ,

You could share your file on a  public link,remember to remove confidential data.



Best Regards


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