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Dynamic slicer default date range

Hi all,


I have a date slicer for which I'd like the last 13 months to be selected by default, but still having all other months from other years available for selection to give users the option to select data outside of the last 13 months. I want this to be dynamic so that the default values selected in the filter changes as time progresses. 


For example as it is currently Feb 2022, I'd like the default values selected to be from Feb 2021 - Feb 2022. When it comes to March 2022 this would dynamically change to have default values selected as March 2021 - March 2022 and so on.

Typical date hierarchy (Year, Month, Day)



I've been trying to find solutions but have had no luck. Is this possible?

Thank you

Super User
Super User


I am not sure of what you want but try this

Flex a Pivot Table to show data for x months ended a certain user defined month.

Ashish Mathur
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Super User

You could use the Relative Date slicer option if that works for you.

It is a shame that we still can't default these.

You may be able to do something with bookmarks to default it on refresh/button click but it would likely be very complex.




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Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi, thank you for for advising. 

Not quite what I'm after but if it's the closest solution then I may have to go with it.

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@MBPCCX , It is not possible to default like this.

The only thing that you can create a slicer using a column like this


Month Type = Switch( True(),
eomonth([Date],0) <= eomonth(Today(),0) && eomonth([Date],0) >= eomonth(Today(),-12),"Last 13 Month" ,


You can log an idea too -

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