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Desktop shows only a small part on screen



I don't what happened to my Power BI, all of sudden it just shows only a small part on my screen. And it doesn't show visualizations and fields on the right. Does anyone have the similiar problem? Right now I just reinstalled Power BI but the problem is still there. I wonder is there any way I can fix it. 


Power BI issue.png





I honestly don't know what caused it. Right now I reinstalled the PBI desktop, restarted my laptop and the problem is gone. It just confused me. Thank you for the answer. Really appreciate your help!



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A note that in I agree that this appears to be a bug.  It happens when I detach my main monitor from my laptop - for example, if I am taking my laptop somewhere to give a presentation.  Which is most unhelpful!  The solution for me - as it seems to be for others too - is to reboot my machine.  Would be great if the Power BI team can fix this!! 🙂

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I just upgraded to MICROSOFT POWERBI DESKTOP 2.70.5494.761 -X64 and am getting the same issue.  I have not had a chance to reboot yet, but will report back if that works (or not).

"dual screens" solved the problem in my case. Absolutely this is a bug.
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Removing dual screens or adding them solved it?  In my case, I have only opened the tool with 2 dual (extended display) monitors.

Aha - in my case, i see the problem with one monitor attached to my computer; and it was resolved with adding another monitor to the computer (although PowerBI is still using one screen).

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My colleague is having the same issue, but it was not solved by a reinstall. Does anybody have any further troubleshooting ideas?


If I use my laptop only, I see the issue. If I use dual screens (not using my laptop screen) I do not have the problem. This is a real issue especially since I'm presenting to a conference in July. I'll have to use a screen capture or Power BI Service instead of Desktop which I do not want to or should have to do. Power BI should know how to correctly display on a laptop screen without issue or any single resolution screen(s).


Thank you,




I have the same issue, seeing a part of my Power BI deskop.

I am using the latest version: 2.70.5494.761 64-bit (June 2019)


The same for me as well to resolve this: i have to reboot Windows.

The first time this happened to me was today, while using two monitors. And now, after one hour and a reboot, this happened while using only one monitor.


Best regards. G

Yes, use two monitors solved this problem ...

See it again if one monitor.


This definately is a bug in the PowerBI desktop to determinate the size of canvas. 

Hi @Ghuiles 


I'll verify if a reboot resolves the issue but I'm pretty sure I've tried that before.




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I would also check the report's canvas size (set back to default 16:9 if it's not) and mess with the View options in the ribbon (fit to width, actual size, etc.).

I honestly don't know what caused it. Right now I reinstalled the PBI desktop, restarted my laptop and the problem is gone. It just confused me. Thank you for the answer. Really appreciate your help!



Glad to hear your issue was solved! Go ahead and mark this question as complete, so others can find help with similar problems (even if the solution was just a reinstall).

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Never seen that but check you display scaling for your monitor. 

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