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DateAdd for measures



I have a measure, which is a DateTime. I'm trying to subtract Years/Months/Days from this measure. But can't seem to find an easy way to do this.


Basically, I'm looking for a DateAdd function, but that accepts a single date instead of a column of date.




Measure: [FirstDate] = MIN(Table[Date])

FirstDate20DaysAdded = DateAdd([Firstdate],20,Days)

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Hi! Could you resolve it? I want to do the same (Dateadd for a measure and not to a column)

I recommend that you put the exercise you want to find to be able to understand the dateadd what it does is Returns a table that contains a column of dates, shifted either forward or backward in time by the specified number of intervals from the dates in the current context.

Alright. What I eventually want to do is get the difference between that measure, and the current day. But in a text format, for example:

* 2 year(s), 3 month(s), 22 day(s).

* 3 month(s), 22 day(s).

* 22 day(s)


I've broken this up into several measures:


[FirstDate] = MIN(Table[Date])

[YearValue] = DATEDIFF([FirstDate],TODAY(),YEAR)

[YearValueText] = IF([YearValue] >= 1, CONCAT([YearValue]," year(s)"), "")

[MonthValue] = DATEDIFF(DATEADD([FirstDate],[YearValue],YEAR),TODAY(),MONTH)

This is where I need that DATEADD for a measure.

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