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DAX Help needed - Whatif Parameter in Measure returning too many rows in child table

Here is a link to my code -



I have a Whatif slider, Adjusted Hours.  If a number is put into that slider, I want to create a dynamic value from the "Operation Hours" in my Packages table, using a measure.


Revised Hrs =

    IF('Adjusted Hrs'[Adjusted Hrs Value] = 0, SELECTEDVALUE(Packages[Operation Hours]),
        'Adjusted Hrs'[Adjusted Hrs Value])


But as soon as I put the Revised Hrs into my table, it returns all the Packages, instead of using the Filter from the selected Allocation (AllocationID=106)




Please could you help, I've tried so many options?  Calculate, SUMX, trying to find how to do Rowlevel filtering.


I will then be doing the calculation/adjustment in each record of the the PackageDetail child table.


Thank you


Super User
Super User

@dreambeforeyou , Try like


Revised Hrs =

IF( not(isblank('Adjusted Hrs'[Adjusted Hrs Value])) && 'Adjusted Hrs'[Adjusted Hrs Value] = 0, SELECTEDVALUE(Packages[Operation Hours]),
'Adjusted Hrs'[Adjusted Hrs Value])

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Hi Amit,

Thanks so much for looking at my problem.  And yes, I so know I needed to fix the logic of the expression to check for both.  I really appreciate your help.

BUT, my actual issue is that when I use the Measure in my table, it ignores the filter of the Allocation ID and returns all rows.

So I want this, plus the [Revised Hrs]


But instead when I add [Revised Hrs] to the table, I get this:


How do I only return the 5 value for the single row?

Thanks again,

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