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Creating headcount growth adding each month hires to previous (line chart)

Hi, this should be fairly easy, but I am a beginner!

My data has hire month for employees,

  • I want to show a liner headcount of total employees each month
  • I need to start with a fixed number of head count then add
    For example before year 2022 we have 100 employees already, how can this be more user friendly to be changed by the user? 



EmployeeHire dateOther filter
Worker 1    01/02/2022    Filled  
Worker 2   01/02/2022Accepted
Worker 302/11/2022Filled
Worker 403/22/2022Filled
Worker 503/25/2022Filled


What I need is to show is Total Head Count measure.. for Jan = 102, Feb = 103, Mar = 105 (so it adding number of hires from previous months)

I have a DateDim table... (if that's useful?)

Also, what if I want to calculate only the ones that are (Filled)?


Thank you in advance! 

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@amitchandak thank you for your quick response.. 

I do not have termination date, and I tried your calculation like this:


HireTotals = CALCULATE(Count('Table'[Hire date]),filter(DimDate,DimDate[Date] <=maxx(DimDate,DimDate[Date]))) + [initial Emp]


And I got this (total by month) not the (total year to date) = adding totals per month



I tried to use the quick measure function to measure YTD and it came up with this expression

Hire date YTD =
    ISFILTERED('Table'[Hire date]),
    ERROR("Time intelligence quick measures can only be grouped or filtered by the Power BI-provided date hierarchy or primary date column."),
        COUNTA('Tabel'[Hire date]),
        'Table'[Hire date].[Date]
    ) + [ i added intial head count here]
It worked on it's own but it won't change based on other visuals and gives the error msg 



Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Super User
Super User

@NovWor , if we have hire and termination date both then we use, log like the one here


else we use logic like

[Intial Emp] + CALCULATE(Count(Hire[EmpID]),filter(date,date[date] <=maxx(date,date[date]))) - CALCULATE(SUM(leaver[leaver]),filter(date,date[date] <=maxx(date,date[date])))

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