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Helper II
Helper II

Creating an average from a measure?

Hi All,


I have a measure "CountCalls" - this calculated based on 'COUNTROWS' and tells me how many calls have been recieved.


I'm trying to create an average of 'CountCalls' but it's not possible to create 'AVERAGE(CountCalls)' as "CountCalls" is a measure not a column.


Any idea how I can acheive this? So I need to COUNTROWS then create an average of the number of rows counted somehow?



Resolver V
Resolver V

Hi @dnewton, you might want to try AVERAGEX - the iterator version of AVERAGE

I've looked at a few AVERAGEX examples but can't figure out how to use this in practice.


The example of AVERAGEX I've found is...



So I'm guessing this translates to...


But I don't understand what <expression> I would use.

try this:


averageX Count Calls monthly =


 ALLSELECTED ( 'Date'[Month]) , [CountCalls] )


averageX Count Calls weekly =


 ALLSELECTED ( 'Date'[Week]) , [CountCalls] )

Hi @dnewton, in this case <expression> would be your measure CountCalls


I found a good tutorial on this function on this page:


Also, like @jthomson mentioned, you have to think about what you want to average over - do you want daily average? Or monthly?  That would determine what the <table> argument should be.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

What are you wanting to create an average in relation to? Your question makes no sense without additional context. If it was something like, say, average calls per day, you can just look to distinctcount the different number of dates in your table and then divide your measure by the result

Apologies, yes it would be the average from a period of time which maybe daily, weekly, monthly etc...


The existing measure uses COUNTROWS to count each row in my table and then returns the total number of calls, hence 'CountCalls'. I need to try and work out the average from 'CountCalls' but this is not as straightforward as AVERAGE(CountCalls) since 'CountCalls' is just a measure not a column.

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