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Create Calculated Column based on the result of a measure

I need to create a calculated column that places a text depending on whether the condition of a measure is met

This is my table where I must create the Calculated Column:



I require that if the Field [MesSK] is equal to the value of the measure [Mes0] I put "Current Month" if the value of the field [MesSK] is equal to the value of the measure [Mes1] I put "Previous Month", if the [MonthSK] field is equal to the value of the measure [Mes2] I put "Same month of the previous year", if the condition is not met I put "Not Applicable"


The measures are constructed in this way:

Mes0 := YEAR([Current Date])&FORMAT([Current Date];"mm")
Mes1:=var max_date = VALUE([Month0])





The calculated column will be used to create a line chart visual in the Legend field on the X axis going to the number of Days





Beforehand thank you very much

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , You should create a measure based on the measure. A calculated column can not take slicer values so no benefit


you can have row level measure


sumx(Table, [Measure]/[Column1])


or need Dynamic segmentation


Number - Dynamic segmentation -Measure to Dimension conversion:


Text -Dynamic Segmentation, New/Lost/Retain Customer Count:
Learn Power BI Advance - Customer Retention with Dynamic Segmentation, New/Lost/Retain Customer Count:


Range Based

Dynamic Segmentation Bucketing Binning

Dynamic Segmentation, Bucketing or Binning:

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