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Helper II
Helper II

Copy a Report Page from .pbix to another

I have two .pbix files that I would like to combine. They each have their own dataset. Is this possible?

New Member

Yes!  And I used it quite often in Tableau.  A simple copy paste feature that even carried the data source over the new file.  I have two different reports that were created by two different users.  Some of the data sources are the same, but each report has at least one unique data source.  I need to create a report, not only dashboards, that have tiles from both existing reports.  Please make this happen!  Thanks!

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Advocate III
Advocate III

I agree this would be a powerful feature. Just saying it is available in Tableau.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Could we enable Copy Page across two different .pbix reports but removing the references to the data in the visuals but keeping the visuals and the formatting on them?

This way of copying is useful by saving the time to generate the visuals and formatting them.

Linking the visuals to the data model on the destination pbix is not very time consuming.


This feature would be a big time saver for people creating pbix reports




an example is the SCCM Solution Template.


i have created custom pages using the same tables in the background, and every time they launch a update, i have to manually create the same page again and again, if i want to use the updated pbix file they provide.


time consuming when i have to either drop the sccm template update, or do it every month.


@granthworth This largely depends on what you mean by "Combine". Matt's response would apply to trying to combine models.

The duplicate page function only works within the same PBIX.


As a side note (may not be related) - you could deploy both PBIX files and "combine" them in the same dashboard. So depending on what the end user clicks on they would be directed to either report.

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I don't believe this is currently possible.  If you think about it, this is quite a complex task. Power BI has a single data model, so there would need to be a lot of logic in the background to work out how to handle table name conflicts, relationship conflicts etc. I guess this hasn't been a priority for a product so new.  You can't even sort on some visualisations as of today, so there is still a lot of other important stuff to do before they get to this (if ever).  JMO

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

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