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Conditional formatting negative numbers red

Anyone know how set Conditional formatting rule on negative numbers to red ? 
I want negative numbers or percentage to red.
I try to set minimum field to blank but it don't allow me to set it.



Very appreciate for your effort to me.
Thank for your support.
Now this issue found already. 

This picture at below that I got email from Microsoft

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Frequent Visitor

Conditional Format Matrix to Red/Black
Go to Visual Pane > Cell elements > Turn Font Color (or other option) to "On" > Click on the fx icon
Font Color.jpg

Choose Rules from the "Format style" dropdown (see screen shot below)
Choose "Values and totals" from the "Apply to" dropdown
Keep the "What field should we base this on?" dropdown as is.
Rules Value Options:
1) Choose greater than ">" from the 1st "If value" dropdown. 
Go to the next field.
2) Enter a very large negative number, e.g., -100000. Go to the next field.
3) Choose Number from the dropdown (see Note below).
4) Follow the screen shots below for the other Rules values.

Note:  There seems to be a glitch in how the “Apply to” dropdown and the “value dropdown” interact.
If the 3rd field of the Rules dropdown (1) does not show "Number" as a option, change the "Apply to" dropdown (2) to "Value only". 
"Number" should now appear as an option in the 3rd field of the Rules "If value" dropdown (1).
Change the 3rd "If value" dropdown (1) to Number, then go back and change the "Apply to" dropdown (2) to “Values and totals”.

Conditional Formatting1.jpg




Advocate II
Advocate II

In Field formatting, use Red as default color for this column.  This would render all values (negative or positive) in Red color.

Then use Conditional formatting to color the positive values in Green.  The conditional formatting would look something like this: 


Format by Rules

Based on Field

<Your Numeric Column Name>



If value is greater than or equal to  0  Number and is less than or equal to <a very large number> Number then Green


Please mark it as accepted solution if works.


Thanks and regards,

Jitendra Pandey

Frequent Visitor

Thank all of you contribute to help me solve this issue. but It still not working all your mention above. 
I think It's bug or error on this issue. I need to extra field in order to show red on negative values.
It doesn't make sense, right ? Why it need to add one more field in table in order to work ?
But my requirement don't need it
you can see picture at below




This is possible by using a gradient with custom values.




Thanks! That resolved the issue! 🙂


Can you show me a screen shot of your rule with greater than -1 (NEGATIVE 1) and NUMBER and less the 0 number.


Try this for Positive and Negative numbers


This works, elegantly simple 😎

Very appreciate for your effort to me. but this solution isn't working. 


Thank you @virakprom 

Can you share your .pbix file?  I have no idea why that is not working.

Hello @virakprom 

I don't have access to your company's sharepoint.  You will have to load it to something like OneDrive or DropBox and give us that link.

Very appreciate for your effort to me.
Thank for your support.
Now this issue found already. 

This picture at below that I got email from Microsoft

Hello @virakprom 

That is good to know, thank you for sharing.

Super User
Super User

Hello @virakprom 

You can change the type from percent to number and put a negative amount in the first field.  The formatting below will format negative % from -100% to 0 as red.

Not applicable

The best simply solution ever, thank you.

It isn't working. but I want show percentage not decimalUntitled.png

Hi @virakprom ,


Please set the your conditional formatting as per screen shot below and let me know your result:


Don't forget to give thumbs up and accept this as a solution if it helped you!!!

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It still not work. I try to follow like you mention at above.

Untitled.pngUser role administrator.PNG


In your example -26 % is the same as -.26.  If you format the number with 

Greater than -1 NUMBER and is less than 0 NUMBER that is the same as saying -100% and 0%.


When you use the % setting it is looking at the percentage of your data meaning, if you have 100 data points and pick Less than 50 percent it will format the first 50 data points.


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