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Helper II
Helper II

Conditional Sum based on dates, custom month input

I see posts like these, but this is beyond my skill level and I hope someone would help me with my case. 


I want to create four sums:

if transaction date this year then sum

if transaction date last year then sum

if trx date this august then sum

if trx date last year August then sum.


All this should be shows per category I have.


For the future, I want also be able to create input field with month I want to sum up : e.g. Septemer etc. How can I do this?


Should I use measures for this? 


Thanks a lot for help!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I'm not sure I fully understand without seeing some sample data. However, if you create a date dimension table and establish a relationship to the date column on your transaction table, you should just be able to use a simple SUM measure on the value column.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 08.52.07.png

@CoreyP  thanks a lot, this is a sample data.  Imanaged to use measures and sum up the valued if between certain dates, but my question is, where it says Aug22 and 23, the dates are hardcoded, so datesbetween 0801 and 0831. How can I create a button or something which would be input to that? e.g. I select April and these dates get recalculated for the month I selected?

I hope it makes sense

Please share what your raw data looks like. 

@CoreyP  It is something like the following, a standard tabular



@marzwrob , 
Okay, yeah. So, create a date dimension table and set up the relationship to your created date column. Then create measures to sum whichever value column(s) you want. Then when you build your visuals, you can apply the date hierarchy for whatever granularity you wish. 

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