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Helper V
Helper V

Compare two dates from different tables, using if condition

I have two tables, Table 1 and Table 2, both are related based on account number.


I want to compare if date from table 1 = date from table 2, if is not the same then "different" is it is the same then "equal". How can I do an if statement, comparing both dates row by row so I can add it to table.

Super User
Super User

You may be able to use the LOOKUPVALUE function in this case. 
As an example I have two tables
Table 1

Date Account
3/3/2024 ABC
3/3/2024 DEF
3/4/2024 ABC
3/5/2024 GHI
3/5/2024 DEF

and Table 2

Date Account
3/3/2024 ABC
3/4/2024 DEF
3/5/2024 GHI


and I want to know if the values in Table 1 appear in Table 2. 
I can add a calculated column to Table 1 with the following code...

isOnTable2 = 
var _lookup = 
LOOKUPVALUE('Table 2'[Account], 'Table 2'[Account], [Account], 'Table 2'[Date], [Date])
    _lookup = [Account],

and end up with the result...


Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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Proud to be a Super User!

Hi, is not working, see the following example I am getting  



If you can provide a sample of your data (nothing sensitive) I will likely be able to provide a better solution for you.

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Proud to be a Super User!

I can't share the data


Table 1:

Account & Date

Table 2:
Account & Date

Relationship: Account & Account

The column that I am creating is in the Table 1, and there are more columns. I created a table with more columns ej. Name, Second Name, Account, Date table 1, date table 2


Share some dummy data and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

AccountDate AccountDate Result
765A1/1/2022 765A11/12/2023 FALSE
987D5/7/2023 987D4/5/2023 FALSE
036G9/2/2023 036G9/2/2023 TRUE
872B9/9/2023 872B9/9/2023 TRUE
926K4/5/2023 926K1/1/2022 FALSE
047A6/1/2023 047A6/1/2023 TRUE
102M2/3/2023 102M2/3/2023 TRUE
094K7/8/2022 094K9/9/2023 FALSE
237V5/7/2023 237V12/5/2023 FALSE


In Table1, write this calculated column formula

Column = if(CALCULATE(min(Table2[Date]),FILTER(Table2,Table2[Account]=EARLIER(Table1[Account])))=Table1[Date],"Same","Different")

Hope this helps.



Ashish Mathur

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