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Advocate I

Charticulator - setting Y Axis maximum value using a measure?

I've recently started learning Charticulator, and except for a few niggles (like being unable to change a symbol color once created), I love the customisation possibilities.

One thing I'd need is the ability to set a custom max value for my Y axis based on a different measure.

My current chart includes several superposed line glyphs, including a scatter chart with all the data and a rolling average line chart:



Obviously my rolling average does not have the same max value than my "all data" line so when setting both glyphs on top of each other, the Y axis don't match. As a work around I've manually set a hard coded max value for my Y Axis on all glyphs but that obviously won't work once I start using slicers to filter the data.


Any advice on this please?


Regular Visitor

Any updates on the problem? 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lolouk44 ,


Could you pls provide your sample .pbix file for test?Better show me your expected output.

Remember to remove the confidential information.


Best Regards,

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Hi @v-kelly-msft 


Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy with work.

See  sample:

You will see I manually set the Y axis min and max values.

Hi @lolouk44 ,


Do you mean that you hope the max value changed dynamically according to the slicer?


Which filter are you using?The one inside charticulator?Or Slicer below?


I'm a little confused about your requested output..


Best Regards,

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Hi @lolouk44 ,


Have you checked the max value for Y axis?


Best Regards,

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Thanks. I'm still a noob with charticulator so I'm probably doing something wrong.


Power BI's built in charts automatically adjusts the Y axis when there are multiple values displayed.

I've not found out how to have multiple values on the same chart in charticulator, because as far as I understand you have to drag & drop a measure on the Y axis.

So my workaround is to have multiple charts on top of each other, but obviously I need to adjust the Y axis ranges so they match.


Maybe I should have asked my question differently if my approach isn't right: how do I share the Y axis with multiple measures/values? (the X axis remains the dates table)

Hi @lolouk44 ,


I didnt use a measure but click ... then choose edit:


Select "Plot Segment 1">Go to attributes>Find below information>check the selections:


Check the reference below:


Best Regards,

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I'm sorry, I don't know if I can't explain what I'm after or if I'm missing something obvious.

If I set Auto Max value for both axis, my first chart (scatter plott) Y axis ranges from 0 to 6, so my chart is pretty much empty. (I have to manually set the range to 0-60 to see all bubbles)

So the auto-values don't work as they don't sync up with one another.


Hi  @lolouk44 ,


But from the test here,if you set auto for Y axis for each Plot(in your sample .pbix file,there are 2),they will all show in the visual,is below what you are after?Or you just wanna get one Y axis which contains the max value from 2 plots?



Best Regards,

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Thanks for coming back to me.

Seeing as I have multiple plots on top of each other (I know only 2 in the file I sent), I need to find a way to align the Y axis. They're all set to manually start at 0, so this side is fine, but I also want to align the max. Not via a slicer, but via a measure that would calculate the max for the chart that would have the bigger fluctuation.

So in the screenshot you provided, how do I set the value 60 to be dynamic pls?

IfF this isn't possible, is there a way to use a generic Y axis that I could reuse for multiple charts?



Hey @lolouk44


Did you manage to find a solution? I want to do the same and have multiple series on the same Y-Axis - but can't find a way to make it work. 





Hi @sstockda 


I'm afraid no. Another project has taken priority so this has been left for now.

I'm thinking of whether I should create a measure that calculates axis elements up to the maxmum of all series and use this as a Y axis (pretty much the way the date axis is separate from each measure annd pulled from a separate Dates table) but not sure how to ensure each value exists in the Y Axis values table...

Do post an update here if you manage to achieve "our" goal 

I have the same question. I would assume it should be the first problem anyone would encounter when having more than one plot segments. I have two lines that are not categories (two distinct measures), and they need to be plotted on the same XY space, but inevitably the second plot segment will show a different Y range than the first one.

Any help would be valuable!

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