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Card not pulling data from SharePoint Excel tab

Good Day,

I have 4 excel documents that are saved in SharePoint. In each excel document it has a tab called Availability that allows the user to enter if they took a business, sick or vacation day during the a specific month. At the end of the each month it has 3 additional columns named Business, Sick and Vacation which deducts the total amount of days taken each (business, sick and vacation) and it shows the employee's balance days remaining for the year.

I created a card in Powerbi to show the balance days for each but it is pull a high figure (e.g. if the balance vacation days for user X is 40 it is pulling 591)

Is there a way just to pull the correct number from the columns suggested?BI_2.JPGBI_1.JPG

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Any solutions how to resolve this. Thanks much.

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Thanks for the feedback. I created the visual table but it is pulling duplicate data as seen. I only want to reflect the balance of each which is one row. Also, the bar charts and line chart is not reflecting accurate data. January suppose to be 63 days for vcation and its show 32 days for business and even sick which should be 4 and 14 respectively. 

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fields used for business bar chartfields used for business bar chartcharts pulling 32 days for sick vacation and businesscharts pulling 32 days for sick vacation and business

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Thanks much for the information provided. I created the visual table to show business, sick and vacation but it is coming up as two instances as seen in the picture. Also, i created some bar charts to show business, sick and vacation as well but it not reflecting the actual data example, Business leave should be 4 days but in the bar chart it is counting as 32 days. As well as Sick days suppose to be 14 days and its showing 32 days as well. Also, please see the image BI_2 which shows the configuration used.BI_2.JPG1 row of vac, sick, business should be seen in visual table, charts not displaying accurate data1 row of vac, sick, business should be seen in visual table, charts not displaying accurate data
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @KPro17 


From your screenshot, you are using Count to aggregate Business column. I recommend that you use Sum instead. You can right click on Business column in the Fields or Values box and select Sum. Just as below. 



In addition, the Card visual is only able to display an aggregated value, so it will display the total of the whole Business column. If you want to show the value for every user, you can use Table visual. Put both user name and Business columns into a table visual, then you will see the total for every user. Or if you want to show the total in a Card visual for a user at a time, you can add a slicer to the report page and put User name column into it. Then use the slicer to filter users. 


Table visualizations in Power BI reports and dashboards - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

Slicers in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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