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Helper II
Helper II

Calculating Percentages of a Binary column



I am trying to 1) calculate the percentages of attendance (binary column 1 =attended 0 =not attended) for 10 different modules. The format of the columns is below: 

Module 1Module 2Module 3 Module 4 etc. 


Once I have the percentages of attendance for each of the 10 modules, I would then like to display that in a bar graph showing each of the 10 modules on the x axis and then the percentages on the y. 


I created the following measure for one of the modules but am having issues when creating the bar chart.  


% attended live mod1 =
CALCULATE ( COUNT ( 'Excel File'[LIVEMOD1] ), 'Excel File'[LIVEMOD1] = 1 ),
CALCULATE ( COUNT ( 'Excel File'[LIVEMOD1] ), ALLSELECTED ( 'Excel File'[LIVEMOD1] ) )

is this possible to achieve with how the data is formatted?
Super User
Super User


is the table your sample data?

What's the expected output?

module 1    66.6%

module 2   33.3%

module 3  66.6%


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yes the sample data is the table above and expected output is ultimately a bar chart with the modules on the x x axis and the percentages for each on the y axis


you can try this

in PQ

1, use header as first row


2. transpose


3. select first column and unpivot other columns



then you can create measure (make sure the data type of value column is whole number)

Measure = sum('Table'[Value])/COUNTROWS('Table')



pls see the attachment below



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