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Calculated Column

Hello. I'll explain my problem, hope somebody will help: I have 3 Tables "Countries", "CityData" and "Finaltable".
"Countries" and "CityData" are related by city column.

As you see, there is a filter on "Filters on all pages" pane - "City" column from "Citydata" table.



I need, in third "Finaltable" table, in calculated column "Column2 Amount" to be shown the corresponding amount of selected (filtered) city.

for instance, if on "Filters on all pages" pane there is selected Milan, then 


 if on "Filters on all pages" pane there is selected London, then 


I need calculated column "Column2 Amount" and not Measure.
There will not be be more than 1 value selected in on "Filters on all pages" pane.

Thanks in advance


Solution Sage
Solution Sage



why do you need a calculated column?


It doesn't work. Calculated columns are calculated during refresh of the data model and don't have a filter context.


This means that you can't change the value of a calculated column with slicers.

Thanks for reply. In real project, where I need the solution, peple are connected to this data model, with excel files and they are using "Column2 Amount" in tables and matrix visuals, as rows:



Besides, it's necessary to use "Column2 Amount" as filters. How can it be done?
Can't I create KPI, and than than use the values of KPI in calculted column?

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