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Helper I
Helper I

Calculate cost based on category from different table

We have 3 tables in power Bi. First table has column Cluster, Category and Cost.


Cluster                                                              Category                         Cost
A                               CPU                          10
A                               Network                          111
A                               Disks                          21
B                               CPU                          91


Second table has column Cluster, Projects in each cluster, timeseries ratio , non-timeseries ratio


Cluster                                                              Projects                         Blow ratio      Non-Blow ratio
A                                   Delta                           0.423            0.577    
A                                   Beta                           0.523            0.477    
A                                   XYX                           0.19             0.81    
B                                  YUSE                             0.322    0.678
B                                  BYLO                             0.2122  0.7878


and third table has column as Cluster, Kind which has value as Blow and non-Blow , Category and the ratio of each category.


Cluster                     Kind                   Category                       Value
A                   Blow                     CPU                        0.777
A                   Blow                     Network                        0.542
A                   Non-Blow                     CPU                        0.211
B                   Blow                     CPU                        0.982
A                   Blow                     Disks                        0.18
A                  Non- Blow                     Disks                        0.122
A                  Non- Blow                     Network                        0.776


and so On....


How can I calculate the cost of each category with Blow and Non-Blow Kind for each of the project in each cluster.


So at the end I will like to have two tables visuals one each for Blow and other for Non-Blow: This is for Blow kind(Category cost for each cluster * Blow ratio for that project in that cluster* Value of that category of that kind for that cluster from 3rd table)


Cluster              Project                 Category                   Cost
A                Delta                      CPU                    3.25
A                Delta                      Network                    25.25
A                Delta                      Disks                    1.59
A                Beta                      CPU                    4.04




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @zzzsharepointk,

You can create a new table with time series and non-time series two types. Then you can extract the current type and add switch in your formula to calculated with different fields based on the type values.(you can add new table field to table visual 'visual level filter' to filter records)

My Favorite DAX Feature: SELECTEDVALUE with SWITCH | Winston-Salem Power BI User Group (pbiusergroup...

formual =
VAR currType =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( NewTable[Type] )
        SWITCH (
            "timeseries", MAX ( Table2[Blow ratio] ),
            "non-timeseries", MAX ( Table2[Non-Blow ratio] )
        ALLSELECTED ( Table2 ),
        VALUES ( Table2[Cluster] ),
        VALUES ( Table2[Projects] )
        * CALCULATE (
            SUM ( Table1[Cost] ),
            ALLSELECTED ( Table1 ),
            VALUES ( Table2[Cluster] ),
            VALUES ( Table1[Category] )


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

@v-shex-msft  What do you mean by creating new type in New table? what is that?


Can you please show and tell?


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