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Helper II
Helper II

Bring visual in front of the map



I have a map visual and some object on it. When user clicks on object, another visual (table, card, whatever) needs to be displayed with some details about that object. That table visual needs to be in front of the map (over the map). Then user click away (i.e. deselect object) and table visual should hide and / or go to back.


I did as suggested here:

I created all those measueres and it works. But that is not enough for my case. So, I experimented with a "Maintain Layer Order" in the general tab of both table and map visual, along with layout order in Selection pane (like here:  Behaviour changes, of course, but nothing is actually good enough. 


If I put table forward and make it transparent, the map is visible, but interaction with the map is disabled since invisible visual is actually over the map. 

I I put map forward, then table is never brought completely forward. The only visible part is the one not covered with the map visual.

What am I doing wrong? How it should be parametrized? 


The funcitionality should resemble to the one on this site: . CLick on a single object there and see what happens. 

Actually, all other funcionalities from that site would be nice to have, but let's start with this one.



Helper II
Helper II

Thanks for the answer. But I don't think it's gonna work. 

There are hundreds objects on the map. And that is not button / bookmark funcionality. User clicks on an object (not button) and pop up should show up with a details of that particular object.

Similar funcionality could be achieved with a tooltip report - but then report dissappear as soon as user move a mouse.

Also, drillthrough is an option, but that's on another page. Basically, I would like something like drillthrough but on a same page.


That sounds like a reasonable requirement but I'm not aware of a way to do that in Power BI.


I'd recommend voting and commenting on this corresponding idea:

Super User
Super User

I'd recommend using bookmarks and buttons for this sort of thing rather than card masks.


I think this article should get you going in the right direction:

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