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Helper I
Helper I

Average to include blank months



is there a way that my formula can include blank months.. I am using the below formula and would like to be able to get an average of 19.06 instead of 27.24. However, Power BI will exclude any months with no values in the formula. Below you will notice there is no values for March and May because of low sample size; however, we do want that to be included in the average because when folks are looking at this data YTD they will compare it to the overall YTD average and it all should match.


Link to file:


AVG_Category_Breakdown =
AVERAGEX(SUMMARIZE(VALUES('download to use'[Month]),[Month],"ABCD",[Category_Breakdown]),[ABCD])
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.14.29 AM.png
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You're not working with a date table. This causes you to have no blank data at the missing months because those missing months are not actually there for that category.



What I believe is that you should create a dimension table. It can be date dimension table or only a single column with months. Then you can create relationship and show the months with 0 values.

Can you show me how I could accomplish this with the creation of a date table? The pbix is above. I have a date table in my original file set I just shorted this one down and provided dummy data to try and give a sampel file for assistance.

Super User
Super User



Maybe use the query editor to replace Nulls (blanks) with zero?

This may cause additional issues is my guess but it is an alternative I am considering if no one has a better idea. @affan I added a link above in my original post.


Perhaps SUM( ) divided by COUNTROWS( Table1) if Table1 has other columns with non-blanks in the rows where the column being averaged has blanks

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @nmckbcs


Can you consider sharing a sample from your 'download to use' table? This will help getting the solution fast.





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