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Helper I
Helper I

An argument of function 'ROUND' has the wrong data type or the result is too large or too small.

I'm not understanding why this error is coming up since none of the input values are numbers and the values are not too small. 



LTV Calc = If(tbl_kpi[LTV Calc Flag]="Exclude",0,
round((tbl_kpi[Combined Loan Amount]-tbl_kpi[Construction Holdback - Risk Basis]-tbl_kpi[Interest Reserve]-tbl_kpi[X-Collateral _Construction Holdback])/
tbl_kpi[LTV As-Is],3))

An argument of function 'ROUND' has the wrong data type or the result is too large or too small.



It works fine without the "ROUND" function:





Advocate I
Advocate I

I had the same error due to infinity. when you cannot divide by 0. added DIVIDE and that worked.

Regular Visitor



Try to make it like this ROUND(IFERROR(...,0))

Not applicable

I had the same problem which appeard out of nowhere. Yesterday it worked and today it doesn't.


Here is the solution...


In Qeury editor:

1. replace "null" (without quotation marks of course) values with 0


2. change the column type to "Whole number". I had "Decimal number" and somehow it did not work.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hmm.. wierd... any nulls in the columns? Are all the columns number or decimal type?


also try using DIVIDE so instead of the (Column1-Column2)/(Column3) try ROUND(DIVIDE((Column1-Column2),Column3,0),3)


If thats not it I have no idea.



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