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Remove certain part of string based on value from other column

Hello all, 

I have issue with removing certain part of string value in my column. 


Table "Document"

61-2300-B-PID-2350-01Master Document
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07917DProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07917Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-14398Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-00209Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05209DProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21D1Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05908Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812DProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05209Project Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-03210DProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21PProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21DProject Working Copy
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-03210Project Working Copy


Desired New Column that will identify us the Master Document Number of this copies: 


DocumentNumberDocumentSourceCategoryDocument cut
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01Master Document61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07917DProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07917Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-14398Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-00209Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05209DProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21D1Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05908Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812DProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-05209Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-03210DProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21PProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-07812-21DProject Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01
61-2300-B-PID-2350-01-03210Project Working Copy61-2300-B-PID-2350-01


Thank you!


Super User
Super User

Hi @Nurzh_17 one possible solution could be to create new column in Power query using M function Text.Start

(I recognize pattern from your picture: first 21 character should retrive):

New column Document cut code is

= Table.AddColumn(#"Promoted Headers", "Document cut", each Text.Start([DocumentNumber],21))

I hope this help



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