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Advocate II
Advocate II

PowerQ help with potentially splitting columns?

I have two tables and I can't fgure out how to properly build the data model


I have Table 1 with all my audit finding details. Find ID is the record for the Find. That find could have multiple issues. As shown in the Control Issue column. I have a second table that provides the explanation of what the Control Issue is. 


The Problem i have is that some of the Findings have multiple Control Issues in the same column as per the second finding below. I need a way to split the Control Issue column so that it creates a new ROW for each control issue. The new ROW needs to carry over the other filelds as well. Essentially making two records for Find567. One that alings with Control Issue (TD-BlueCover-R) and one that alings with (TD-Blast). 



Table 1

Finding ID Control IssueOpen Date
Find345TD-BlastJan 21




Feb 22

Find998TD-PurpleRainMar 15


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, @sharpedogs , it's an easy job for PQ. You may want to try this means,

  1. Replace all blank cells with null
    Ctr+click on columns "Finding ID" and "Open Date", then
    Screenshot 2020-10-06 113145.png
  2. use Fill Down to get the job done

Thanks to the great efforts by MS engineers to simplify syntax of DAX! Most beginners are SUCCESSFULLY MISLED to think that they could easily master DAX; but it turns out that the intricacy of the most frequently used RANKX() is still way beyond their comprehension!

DAX is simple, but NOT EASY!

I had found that split by ROW actually did the trick without having to do any other manipulation. It also copied over the other data points. 


thanks for the response. 

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