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Need to sum Sales, but need to flip RETURN transactions to negative before summing

For whatever reason, my company has our return sales values as a positive, so when you pull sales, your totals are high because they are the sum of sales plus the sum of returns.


I need to sum "COMMISSION_SALES_USD_AMOUNT" below, but I need to multiply the last 5 lines of sales by -1 so that they decrease the total rather than increase it.






I need the final values and total to look like the column below on the right.




Thanks in advance!!




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@Anonymous - I'm thinking that you could use FIND or SEARCH to determine if your column contains RETURN and then flip it to negative that way.

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@Anonymous , Create a new column like

net sales  = if([order_line_trns_desc] ="RETURN",-1*[COMMISSION_SALES_USD_AMOUNT],[COMMISSION_SALES_USD_AMOUNT])


Use the exact return type text and correct column name


Or a measure like this

net sales  = sumx(Table, if(Table[order_line_trns_desc] ="RETURN",-1*Table[COMMISSION_SALES_USD_AMOUNT],Table[COMMISSION_SALES_USD_AMOUNT]))

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Thank you @amitchandak !


Couple pitfalls, and thank you again for your assistance as I'm new to this.


1 - I'm using Direct Query, so I don't believe I can create a new column

2 - The Transaction Type Description is not just RETURN or ORDER, it is a string of text such as "SALES~ORDLNS~RETURN~1068~EXTERNAL~SELF SHIP.


Can you help me write a measure similar to your SUMX measure that looks for the string "RETURN" rather than '...if = "RETURN"...'?


Also I am not fully aware of the limitations of Direct Query vs Import, is Direct Query capable of writing that type of complicated measure or is it beyond limitations?

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// The fact you can't create a calc column is not a show-stopper
// but the measure will be slower than it would be if you could
// create the column. One solution is this:

[Total Amount] =
var __returnPrefix = "sales ordlns-return"
var __prefixLength = len( __prefix )
	var __isReturn = 
		) = __returnPrefix
	var __sign = not( __isReturn ) - __isReturn
		__sign * T[commission_sales_usd_amount]

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