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Modify unmatched relationship result from "(Blank)" to custom string in Slicer


I have a few multi-column data tables that have a common column for filtering. Let's call this column pallet number. I have a separate table, let's call it full pallet list table, that has a column that is a list of pallet numbers that may be in any of these other tables...and then some, and maybe one other column which is an attribute I'd like to slice by (the slicer column).  The full pallet list table is linked via a 1 to many relationship to each of the data tables so that I can use a slicer from the pallet list table to slice all of the data tables by their pallet columns at once. 



There are pallet values in the full pallet list table that are not in any of the data tables therefore the slicer has an option for "(Blank)" which is basically anything that isn't joined through the 1 to many relationship. I want the slicer to display a custom string in place of "(Blank)". How do I do this?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @smothry I understand that two scenario could lead to blank rows

1. Real blank row - like no item line populated in column Pallet_Number or

2. column Pallet_Number is populated but this number is  missing in the table with all ListOfPalletNumber

This blank is due to relationship


Possible solutions: create two calculated columns as below. 

SlicerFormulaRealBlank =
IF (
    ISBLANK ( FactTable[Pallet_Number] ),
    "This is Real blank row in column Pallet_Number",
SlicerBlankAsNoNumberInListOfPalletNumber =
IF(ISBLANK(RELATED(ListOfPalletNumber[PalletNumber])),"This is blank row - relationship",FactTable[Pallet_Number])

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