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Measures for NBA Analysis

Hi community 🙂 I am new in Power BI and I got a very difficult exercise about the NBA and I need some help with DAX. I have 2 tables with Teams and Player's information on the total of points per player/team, converted/not converted points of 2 and 3, rebounds, turnovers, etc... (they are all in Portuguese).


Some parts I need help with:


  1. I'm trying to create the PERCENTUAL of points of 2, 3, and free throws that must worth and I change the panel from teams to players, just like the example below (1 Team, 2 Players Individually): 

Screenshot 2021-01-15 204512.pngScreenshot 2021-01-15 204511.png

I have already use the DIVIDE formula, like this: 



But this formula returns me the PERCENTUAL of the TOTAL I guess, but it's different from the result above (both of the results are from the Miami Heat Team);


3ptteste = var totalptsgeral = CALCULATE(
SUM(F_JogadoresArremessos[Pontos em Núm]),
ALL(F_JogadoresArremessos[Pontos em Núm]),
F_JogadoresArremessos[Convertido (1 = sim , 0 = não)] = 1)
DIVIDE(Medidas[M 3PTS], totalptsgeral, 0)


2. I need the AVERAGE of Steals, Turnovers, faults, rebounds, and PPG (Points per Game), I think the same formula would worth for all these contents that the report needs. The problem is that I got only 1 table with dates "F_JogadoresArremessos", with all player's throw of 2 and 3 points (so I can do the PPG), but not with each rebound, turnover as the exercise asks to do, I got really stuck and I don't know how to do it. Here's the formula I used for PPG, the problem is the same, results don't match;Screenshot 2021-01-15 211656.pngScreenshot 2021-01-15 211916.pngScreenshot 2021-01-15 211947.png



M PPJ = AVERAGEX(VALUES(F_JogadoresArremessos[Data do Jogo]),[M PTS Totais])

//sum of points of 2 and 3
M PTS Totais = Medidas[M 2PTS] + Medidas[M 3PTS]

//Total of converted points of 3
M 3PTS = CALCULATE(SUM(F_JogadoresArremessos[Pontos em Núm]),FILTER(F_JogadoresArremessos,F_JogadoresArremessos[Pontos em Núm] = 3),F_JogadoresArremessos[Convertido (1 = sim , 0 = não)] = 1)



3. The last question should be very simple, haha, It is how can I do this visualization below; Screenshot 2021-01-15 212559.png


I'll be very grateful if someone helps me with these questions if even answer one of them, it would help me a lot ❤️

If you have a PBIX of any NBA Data Report, share it with me, please! It will help me too 😄


(Sorry if you got confused with the language, I used Google Translator)


Here's the database:

BD - Jogadores.xlsx - Google Drive 

BD - Times.xlsx - Google Drive 

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Super User

For the graphic you can use the HTML5 custom visual and you create your data points in SVG format.

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