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MAX of calculated Measure across Filtered Value

Hi DAX experts,


We have below table, Region is filter and  Avg Yearly Sales is measure, (so it can return Avg Yearly Sales), if we select filter say, US+UK, then 

Avg: 150

Max : 300,

But, what i want to calculate is Max(Avg), 200.  But, what I am getting is 300. How can i do that?



Region     |      Avg Yearly Sales | Avg Quarterly Sales

US            |       100                   |    [100,200,50,50] 

UK            |        200                  |    [ 100, 200, 300, 200]

AUS          |        300                  |    [ 100, 200, 400, 500]

CAN          |        400                  |   [ 200, 400, 600, 400] 


more details:

I tried this formula:

CalculatedPeakToken = CALCULATE(MAX(Table[Avg Yearly Sales]), FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Table), Table[Region] IN ALLSELECTED( Table[Region])))



Avg Yearly Sales is calculated from measure. = 

AllTokenUtilRate =
    SUM('Table'[Avg Quarterly Sales]),


This always results: MAX across all quaterly sales.




Super User
Super User


I do not know how your data model looks like, but I tried to create a sample pbix file like below.

Please check the below picture and the attached pbix file.

I hope the below can provide some ideas on how to create a solution for your datamodel.






Avg yearly sales: = 
AVERAGEX(Sales, Sales[Sales])


Max sales: = 
MAXX( DISTINCT(Region[Region]), [Avg yearly sales:])



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